Excursions within the Peaks of the Balkans Trail

The Peaks of the Balkans trail offers a unique hiking experience for trips ranging from 5 to 15 days, and there are many activities you can enjoy in the cities and villages along the trail.

Starting with Via Ferratas in Peja to kayaking in Shkodra and Plav, there are numerous small excursions you can take during this journey.

Via Ferrata in Peja:

Peja, located next to Milishevc, Reka e Allages, and Drelaj, offers a haven for rock climbing enthusiasts, featuring Via Ferrata and traditional rock climbing options. There are five different Via Ferratas in the Rugova Gorge, each offering a unique experience and stunning mountain views. Equipment rental starts at 10 Euros per person, or you can opt for a guided tour starting from 20 Euros per person. You can begin your Peaks of the Balkans adventure in Peja and try the Via Ferrata, or take a detour from the villages on the Kosovo side of the trail.

Kayaking in Plav and Shkodër:

Plav is the largest town in the Montenegrin part of the Peaks of the Balkans trail. While the original trail goes through the town, some recommend bypassing it. However, Plav is home to the largest glacial lake in the Balkans, where you can enjoy kayaking. The kayak tour starts in the river and takes you to the lake itself. The river is relatively small and serene during the season, surrounded by lush greenery.

Although Shkodra is not on the route of the Peaks of the Balkans, it can serve as a starting or ending point for your trip. The city offers a wide range of attractions (15 things to do according to Tripadvosor), from museums and leisurely walks by cafes to visits to the castle and kayak tours. What sets the kayak tour in Shkodra apart is that, with a guide, you’re allowed to approach and enter protected zones where you can observe lilies. Drini Times is a company that offers these tours while adhering to rules and regulations regarding protected zones.


Theth, a village surrounded by towering rocky mountain peaks, has become a major tourist hub in Northern Albania. However, recent development has introduced one of the longest zip lines in Europe, spanning almost one kilometer. While this may not align with the preferences of avid hikers, it offers a bird’s-eye view of the village and a unique experience.

Valbonë and Doberdol Horse Riding:

Don’t expect the typical horseback riding experience with neatly groomed horses and leather saddles here; it’s a more rustic and authentic experience of horse riding with the “Capo” of Valbona horses, Dardan Jubani. The tour will be tailored in collaboration with Dardan, and you’ll ride smaller Albanian mountain horses. These horses are primarily used for transporting luggage between villages and performing agricultural tasks, although Dardan is a fan and keeps some as pets. For a smaller group of people, high-quality saddles can be provided.

Horse riding can also be arranged at the Leonardi guest house in Doberdol. While there are no official prices or offers, the owner is accommodating and will provide horses for experienced clients, as there are no guided tours. Horses in Doberdol are used for transportation and companionship. You can also inquire about this service at the Afrimi Guest house in Çerem.

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