High Scardus

High Scardus Trail goes through Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, passing through some of the most remote and hidden mountains in the Balkans. Together with Peaks of the Balkans they make the most remote hiking destinations in Europe. However, hikes for general public with options of hiking 10 to 15 kilometers (7 to 11 miles) a day. Balkan Natural Adventure offers on demand hiking trips in these mountains.

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Highlights of the High Scardus Trail

Korab – Climb the highest peak of Albania and Macedonia, at 2,764 m (9,068 ft) the peak offers marvellous views of the region and in a good day up to Greece or the Accursed Mountains in Kosova and Albania.

Away from the tourists – This newly re-established trail is one of the least visited in Europe. Some of parts for many years have been home only to villagers with their flock. Walk away from the other tourists while it lasts.

Hospitality – People have just started experiencing tourism. Their traditional hospitality has not been abused by mass tourism. Experience the genuine people of the Balkans Highlands.

Flora – In difference from most Western European Alps, the grass here in not harvested, making of the of richest mountains with flowers and diverse plants.

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