Balkan Natural Adventure has been featured in the FInancial times, watch the video where the CEO of the company explains the ancient law of Kanun to the FT.

The Guardian included our tour in top 20

With some of Europe’s most pristine scenery, ancient pastoral traditions little-altered by modern life, and a title to capture the imagination, Albania’s Accursed mountains make for a wild holiday with an element of time travel. These peaks, which span the borders of Kosovo, Albania, and Montenegro, have been easier to explore since 2012, when a hiking route, Peaks of the Balkans, opened to tempt walkers.

Strait Times of Singapour

In the Balkans, marvel at majestic scenery and stumble upon bits of Cold War history in the Accursed Mountains, where ancient pastoral traditions have survived decades of war and dictatorship

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We did a 10-day Peaks of the Balkans hike with a group of 6 + our guide named Mentor. As one of our group members said, ‘meeting Mentor restored my faith in the human race’, he was a patient, kind, salt of the earth man. Every day was different and I’ve never done a hike like it. Coming from Australia, it’s not possible to hike into the mountains and stay in remote villages and eat dinner grown in the garden outside. Excellent value for money, awesome scenery and a good mix of fitness and enjoying the outdoors (don’t let 10-days put you off). Thanks also to Noli who invited us into his home and treated us like family, it’s a real privilege to be treated that way as a tourist.

Molly McLAustralia

We (four of us) had a great time in Zeki’s cozy wooden lodge during the fourth days of our Peaks of the Balkans’ hike. It was raining non stop from the previous night at Doberdol’s. Around 8am we ascended up to the peak where the 3 boarders meet, chilling rain and fog shrouded us. Everyone was soaked to the skin as we faced the bad weather condition and continued our hike from Doberdol to Milishevc. Arineta was our guide that BN Adventure assigned to us. She did not has any cover for the chilling rain as she gave her rain jacket to one of the hiker. Arineta managed to call Noli when we were up at the peak. At that moment we were told such weather condition was unusual and nobody expected it. Despite such difficult situation we finally reach Zeki’s Lojza guesthouse around 4pm. From there on, everything seemed to go right for us. We dried ourselves and Zeki prepared delicious foods for all of us while we snug in the cozy living room with the stove kept us all warm. Noli arrived at around 6pm bringing all our luggages.

Goh LinSingapore

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