Peaks of the Balkans Map

Welcome to the Balkan Natural Adventure – Peaks of the Balkans map!

We are the local provider of Peaks of the Balkans tours. Please take the time to see what services our company provides. Discover our services, something for each hiker interested in the region.

We offer two kinds of services in Peaks of the Balkans:

To use the Peaks of the Balkans Map, click on the top right corner square, your Google Maps will be opened and you can explore every trail separately.

This is the classic trail; we suggest alternations based on your plan and taste. For details, you can contact us and we will offer you itineraries in consultation with our guides.

Contact us for your Peaks of the Balkans trail: [email protected]

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If you do not see the GPS map you have a screenshot below or you can download the file.

How to use the map

Click on the top right button of the map to have the legend.
Click on the trails you can also see the description.
The green trails are those added by Balkan Natural Adventure in order to makethe best out of the trail and avoid asphalt and difficult terrain.

Enjoy and contact us for more, through the chat box or at [email protected]

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