Visit Montenegro

Visit Montenegro

The tiny Mediterranean country has a huge touristic offer. With three big mountain destinations and many sand and sea resorts tourism makes main income for the country. It has the largest number of visitors from the countries Balkan Natural Adventure covers. Our company is concentrated in two locations the Accursed Mountains which are situated in what is defined as Northern Montenegro, and Durmitor.

Plav and North Montenegro

This is the least developed part of the country though it is maybe the most diverse in terms of culture and mountains. The population is a mix between Muslim Albanians and Bosnjaks and Orthodox Montenegrins. They live in harmony and were not touched Yugoslav wars though they were neighbouring one of them. Geographically the region hosts the biggest glacial lake in the region The Plav Lake and some beautiful valleys such as Gerbaja. The Peaks of the Balkans trail goes through this region and has helped them develop and profit from tourism.

Durmitor National Park

Durmitor is much more developed. It is also home to a ski centre and many other attractions and daily excursions such as Paragliding, Canyoning , Zip Lining, Via Ferrata and Hiking. With the Tara River running freely the National Park offer also rafting, fishing and a wonderful view. The glacial Lake on Crno Jezero is one of the most beautiful in the region. The plain terran offers a very nice promenade.

In difference from the Accursed Mountains, Durmitor is much more touristy and with a lot of daily visits coming with the bus. One can choose to do the both destinations in one go and connect to offers in Kosovo and Albania.

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