Balkan cross border and Kosovo

  • Short break in the Accursed Mountains

    Experience the ultimate short break in the Balkans ! Get away physically and mentally from your everyday work. Fill yourself with the achievement of climbing top summits in Montenegro and Kosovo, experience the Albanian Accursed Mountains.

    580 gbp or Euro 650 (for a group of four private triup) contact us for larger groups get discounts.

  • Ski Touring Deni5 Min

    Ski sport in the Balkans

    Winter is coming and we are all setup for the ski and snow sports in the Balkans. Check us out.

  • Maja Arapit Tiki

    Guided and self guided hiking tours Albania

    Self guided tours in Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro, learn more about our services.

  • Camping in Hajla weekend

    Duration: 2 days / 1 night
    Difficulty: Moderate to difficult
    Price: From 25 euros per person
    Price includes accommodation and three meals. Transport, a guide, and any equipment can be arranged for an additional fee.

  • Kosovo cultural

    Kosovo weekend tours

    Check out our weekend options for a cultural visit in Kosovo, enjoy driving through this country, with our team.


  • Maja Arapit Tyti

    Maja Arapit – The Albanian Matterhorn

    Difficulty: Strenious
    Distance: 21.73 kilometres
    Time: 10 hrs plus
    Activities: Hiking
    Elevation gain/loss: 1,321 meters
    Prices: 30 euro per person (group of 4 or more)

  • Candy Jezerc

    Maja Jezerce climb it from any three countries

    Difficulty: Strenious
    Distance: 21 kilometers (13.37 Miles)
    Duration: 10 plus hours
    Ascent/Descent: 1550 meters (5089 feet)
    Price from Euro 30 for a group of 4 

  • Weekend in Valbona

    Duration: 2 days / 1 night
    Difficulty: Moderate to difficult
    Price: 25 euros per person
    Price includes accommodation and three meals. Transport, a guide, and any equipment can be arranged for an additional fee.


  • Canyoning in Durmitor

    This is a product provided by our partner
    Price starting at Euro 80
    Contact us for more

  • Kollata Ahmet

    Climbing Kollata Keqe or Zli Kolac

    Difficulty: Strenious
    Distance: 12 kilometres
    Time: 6 to 8 Hours
    Activities: Hiking
    Elevation gain/loss: 1600 meters
    Prices: 30 euro per person (group of 4 or more)

  • 2018 06 01 12 19 58 Min

    Maja e Rosit Rosin Vrh 2,533 m

    Difficulty: Strenious
    Distance: 19.7 kilometres
    Time: 10 hours plus
    Activities: Hiking
    Elevation gain/loss: 1891 meters
    Prices: 30 euro per person (group of 4 or more)

  • The accursed mountains

    Peaks of the Balkans Trail

    “This remote and mysterious mountain range, much of it accessible only by foot, offers more than beauty. It hosts shepherds and goatherds and ancient pastoral traditions that have yet to be destroyed by mechanisation. In its isolated villages, traces still survive of a centuries-old code of conduct that combines extremes of punishment and generosity”, Martin Fletcher the Financial Times.

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About: Balkan Natural Adventure

Balkan Natural Adventure is a Kosovo based tour operator which offers  Balkans regional hiking tours specialized in adventure tourism. We are specifically concentrated in Peaks of the Balkans trail, in Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. Based in Peja, a small town next to the Dinaric Alps in Western Kosovo, the company offers customized as well as pre-designed excursions in Kosovo as well as in Albania and in Montenegro.

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The company has been founded by two friends passionate about mountains and culture and having a yearning to provide their clients with first class services.

The duo has endeavoured to establish a company offering a wide range of outdoor activities and providing all required equipment. In the summer, BNA’s most popular activities comprise of hiking, rock climbing (including Via ferrata) and paragliding. BNA has also become famous for its building and management of the longest zip line in the Balkans. In the winter, guided hikes, snow-shoeing as well as ski tracking are available. Cultural tours are also organised on-demand.

Every tour is customised according to clients’ preferences and aptitudes. Suggested trails can thus include light to heavy hikes including off the beaten track. Most tours can be upgraded with gastronomic surprises and unique experience in traditional guest houses.

80 per cent of our clientele comes from Western Europe with Brits making the largest number of visitors followed by Dutch, German and Central European travellers, primarily from Poland, Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

You can find us at the Visitor Center in Peja: Mbreteresha Teute, 30000 Peje

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  • Virtyt Gacaferri

    Virtyt Gacaferri


    Virtyt Gacaferri Founder

    Kosovo, 30000

    00 386 49 66 11 05

    A British-educated former journalist and marketing executive, Virtyt handles the business side of BNA. He brings his wide experience from the media and banking sectors to providing the best quality services to the company’s guests.

    Virtyt is the person you talk to when you send an e-mail to the company. He will make everything look easy and reassure you that visiting Kosovo is only fun. Then he will pass you to Nol to make sure his words are kept.
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  • Nol Krasniqi

    Nol Krasniqi


    Nol Krasniqi Founder/Guide

    Kosovo, 30000

    00 386 49 66 11 05

    Nol is a native of Peja and a certified mountain guide. After dabbling in a few other fields, he decided to join his work with his passions for the mountains, climbing, and nature. Balkan Natural Adventure was born from these passions.

    He will make sure all the bookings, transport and guides will be properly briefed and will be able to implement the tour as promised.  He is constantly trying to bring some native accent to his english, but still working on it.