Ski touring Peaks of the Balkans

Ski Touring in the Accursed Mountains

This unique tour was tested in winter 2024 with two IFMGA guides, media, and clients. The trail is alternatively called Peaks of the Balkans in Winter or Ski Touring in the Peaks of the Balkans.

The terrain was carefully selected to offer many possibilities for visitors: open terrain, places with trees in case of bad weather, and a rich variety of accommodations and local attractions. The itinerary is of medium difficulty with a maximum ascent of 1000 meters per day. The guest houses, though remote, are characterized by basic yet charming conditions. Despite their remoteness, the mountains are easily accessible, just two to three hours’ flight from most EU capitals. Access is available through three airports: Prishtina in Kosovo, Podgorica in Montenegro, Skopje in North Macedonia, and Tirana in Albania.

The tour is organized for groups, with only one date available for individuals to join in. The group will be guided by local guides who are familiar with the terrain and have completed the trails numerous times. The date for individuals is to be set by May 2024.

Instagram reel of the Austrain IFMGA guide Tom Rabl from Pure Mountain

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For groups, please contact us.

Powdering after skinning in Maja e Trekufinit

Skiing in the powder after a skinning the snow in Maja e Trekufinit.

Skiing in the powder after a skinning the snow in Maja e Trekufinit.

Day 1: Arrival

Airport pickup, drive to Pejë (day activities dependent on the flight schedule. Possible activities include Via Ferrata, cultural city tour, small hikes, or walks).

Day 2: Ski Touring Liqenat – Roshkodol

Transfer to Liqenat, a 30-minute drive from Pejë. Start ski touring at 1400 meters, continuing through Liqenat Lake and Lugu i Shkodrës to Roshkodol. This trail is part of the section of the Peaks of the Balkans that goes from Milishevc to Liqenat, done in a reverse side. It includes a peak climb to Jelenk peak at 2435 meters, about 5 km from the starting point in Liqenat. In Roshkodol, warm rooms and showers will be available, but access to your luggage will not be provided; it will be transferred to Babino Polje, where you will go the next day.

Day 3: Ski Touring Roshkodol – Babino Polje

From Roshkodol, traverse the mountain crest to reach Starac Peak, then continue to Babino Polje at Hrid Guest House in Montenegro. Here, your luggage will be transferred from Pejë and will be accessible. In this trail, you will climb Starac peak at 2325 meters altitude. The distance from the starting point is 8.8 km, with an ascent of about 780 meters. At the end of the trail, you will have a short transfer to cut out some less interesting parts.

In the guest house, there are basic amenities, such as warm showers, clean sheets, and towels. The guest house prides itself on its food and hospitality. Here, you will have access to your luggage after a wilder day in Roshkodol.

Day 4: Loop Ski Touring in Montenegro Maja Qenit or Pasji Vrh in Montenegro

From Babino Polje, a short transfer to the start of the trail. Depending on ski conditions, the tour to the Peak of Dog (Maja e Qenit) may change, and another peak may be selected. Enjoy skiing back, use the playground for skiing, and return to Guest House Hrid. Maja Qenit peak is at 2284 meters of altitude. To reach it, the distance from the starting point is 6.1 km, with an ascent of 760 meters.

Day 5: Ski Touring Babino Polje to Doberdol

Transfer from Babino Polje to the trail’s start for touring to Doberdol. The Three Borders Peak (Maja e Trekufirit) can serve as a skiing playground. Both locations are part of the Peaks of the Balkans trail; however, the trail is used only when cutting out the Kosovo part. This is the wildest part of the Accursed Mountains that is used in winter. Maja e Trekufinit offers the possibility to ski in Kosovo, Montenegro, and Albania on the same day if you use the peak as a playground. The distance to Maja Trekufinit is about 8 km, and the altitude of the peak is 2366 meters. Your luggage will not accompany you, but showers, towels, and food will be available in Doberdol.

Day 6: Ski Touring Doberdol Bjeshka Gacaferit

Ski touring from Doberdol to Gacaferi. The best touring option will be selected on the day, depending on ski conditions. This is also a trail that is not part of the Peaks of the Balkans; however, it is in the region. Doberdoll is a huge valley offering many options for skiing. The next destination is Gacaferri guesthouse, a lone boutique hotel in the middle of wilderness. During the years, this region has had the best snow quality on the trail and maybe in the region. At Gacaferi, your luggage will be accessible and will be transported the next day in Peje.

Day 7: Ski Touring Bjeshka e Gacaferit to Gjeravica and Back to Peje

From Gacaferri, reach the highest peak of Kosovo in touring and then ski down to Gropa e Erenikut for the pickup and drive to Pejë. This part of the touring will be in the highest part of these mountains. These mountains are also the border between Kosovo and Albania. When you reach Gjeravica, the highest peak of Kosovo, you will then ski down to Gropa e Erenikut. Gjeravica is at 2656 meters altitude. Stay at Hotel Kulla e Zenel Beut, in Peje.

Day 8: Drive to Airport

(Day activities dependent on the flight schedule. Possible activities include Via Ferrata, cultural city tour, small hikes, or walks.)

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Price: €1450 per person for the open group.
For groups selforganized groups please do contact us.

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