Milishevc: A Gateway to the High Mountains of Kosovo

Milishevc marks the point where you first set foot in Kosovo, if you didn’t start your hike from there. As with the rest of the Peaks of the Balkans, this pastoral village is dotted with farms and now guest houses. The trail to get there is particularly scenic as it winds through crests, granting panoramic views. However, a section of the trail has been damaged due to a road construction project.

The village offers a plethora of guest houses, with Kulla and Lojza or Chalet Rusta being the most notable options. Some guest houses even offer better facilities than in Doberdol, boasting en suite toilets.

There are two main ways to reach Milishevc by hiking: from Doberdol or from Reka e Allages in Kosovo. Additionally, you can reach the village from Liqenat by embarking on a hike through glacial lakes and then ascending to Maja e Gurit te Kuq.

Milishevc can also serve as a convenient weekend getaway for those living in Kosovo. From here, you can explore the fascinating hiking trails in Kuri i Kuq and Roshkodol. However, the hike from Rekla e Allages is not recommended as it is rather steep.

You can also reach Milishevc by transfer either through the road that leads from Peja or the one that connects to Deçan.

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