Doberdol: The Most Remote Part of the Peaks of the Balkans

Doberdol, nestled amidst rich pastures and a meandering stream, has long served as a summer haven for both humans and livestock. The valley, formed by an embracing ring of mountains, resembles a horseshoe in shape. Due to its inaccessibility during the harsh winter months, Doberdol remains closed except for special circumstances.

Unlike the rest of the Peaks of the Balkans trail in Albania, which falls under the jurisdiction of Shkodra Municipality, the pastures of Doberdol fall within the Kukes district.

Along the Peaks of the Balkans trail, Doberdol connects to Milishevc in Kosovo and Çerem in Albania. However, the village provides ample opportunities for hiking enthusiasts, offering trails leading up to Gjeravica, Kosovo’s highest peak, Bjeshka Gacaferit, and Liqeni Dashit. Doberdol’s tranquility invites visitors to linger for extended periods, offering a perfect escape for “zenning.”

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Guest houses

Numerous travelers consider Doberdol a highlight of their Peaks of the Balkans journey, drawn by its remoteness and panoramic vistas of the surrounding valleys and mountains. Another notable peak accessible from Doberdol is the Three Borders Peak, where the borders of Kosovo, Montenegro, and Albania converge.

The village houses several guesthouses, with Leonardi Guest House, Bashkimi, and Bylbyl Vatnikaj being the most reliable options. While direct bookings are possible, there is a risk of accommodation disputes during the peak season. To ensure a smooth stay, the company recommends booking through a reputable tour operator.

Accommodation conditions are basic, with shared toilets located outside the guesthouses. For those seeking further adventure, Doberdol offers mules and horses for rent or guided rides.

Accessing Doberdol by 4×4 vehicle requires traveling to Kukes, followed by an 8- to 10-hour trek on horseback to reach Valbona or Çerem. Therefore, all transfers to and from Doberdol are conducted by horses.

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