Çerem: Unveiling the Remote Village and Its Accommodation in Peaks of the Balkans

Altitude: 1339 meters (4933 feet)

Nestled amidst the Albanian Alps, Çerem serves as a stopover between the picturesque villages of Valbona and Dobërdol in Peaks of the Balkans trail. This remote hamlet, closed during the harsh winter months, offers a glimpse into the authentic Albanian lifestyle. Originally a summer pasture for shepherds from Vsanje of Vuthaj in Montenegro, Çerem’s history took an unexpected turn in the 1940s when the border between Yugoslavia and Albania closed. Unable to return to their homes, a group of families decided to settle permanently, establishing Çerem as a permanent settlement.

New guest house Afrimi

During the years of communism, Çerem’s population sustained year-round. However, with the fall of communism, many villagers opted for opportunities in urban centers, leaving Çerem a quieter, seasonal haven. Recognizing the village’s potential and the need to foster community development. With help from operators Afrimi Guest House was opened in 2022, a prime example of the village’s revival.

Other Guesthouses

Çerem now offers three guesthouses: Afrimi, the newest addition, has earned praise for its family-run atmosphere and the warmth of its hosts. Guest House Kujtimi stands as a testament to long-standing hospitality, and Relax Guest. Balkan Natural Adventure works closely with Afrimi Guest House and Kujtimi Guest House during peak season. Relax Guest House is recommended to be visited with a guide, as recent reviews suggest that independent visits may not be suitable due to pricing policies.

Exploring Çerem: A Journey Through Nature’s Splendor

Experienced hikers can embark on a challenging trek through Sublica Plateau, a section of the Peaks of the Balkans trail. For those seeking a less demanding route, a scenic hike from Dobërdol offers breathtaking views of the Gashi Valley. Alternatively, a dirt road accessible during the summer provides another means of reaching Çerem, remnants of the original route from Valbona.

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