Valbona Albania is one of the biggest villages in the Peaks of the Balkans trail. For many is also the starting point of the tour. It is the first village if you want to start after sailing the Komani Lake. Reaching in Valbona is best from Kosovo, city of Gjakova a drive that takes between 1 hour 30 min to 2 hours by car.

The village is part of the Valbona Valley National Park in Northern Albania. In the west it is connected to Theth Albania. You can reach the village through the Valbona Pass. In the North Valbona is connected with the village of Cerem, part of the Gashi National Park, where you can hike through Kollata Peak, a trail that will briefly go through Montenegro. When going from Valbona to Cerem you can decide to hike the Kollata Peak or just go pass it, or you can cut this part with 4×4 transport.

Valbona Albania hikes

From Valbona Albania you can do some internal hikes, such as reaching the village of Kukaj, or climb Maja e Rosit. One of the most interesting hikes from Valbona is climbing the highest peak of the Accursed Mountain, Maja Jezerce. Valbona Albania is situated nicely for climbing to Montenegrin highest peak, Kollata e Keqe or Zla Kolata.

The coordinates for Valbona: 42.453333, 19.887778: Altitude: 730 meters

Valbona Albania is part of our Peaks of the Balkans Itinerary, contact us [email protected] for activities in Valbona Albania

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