Gjeravica Kosovo’s highest

Climb Gjeravica during a weekend and take a trophy home. This hike is especially recommended for those who want to take it slower. In this way you will use a full day without transport to climb Gjeravica Kosovo’s highest mountain. It is also good for larger groups of people who would like to be organised and enjoy socialising. The hike is some 8 hours long and includes a visit in the source of the Ereniku River, that starts in two glacial lakes. Each one of them is suitable for swimming and fishing. Large trouts live inside these lakes.

This is a wonderful hiking trip with the trophy of the Kosovo’s highest mountain, in your pocket.  You will start in the town of Junik, where you will have a pick up with a 4×4 vehicle which will take you to the accommodation in Gropa e Erenikut. there you can enjoy the hotel or rent one of the villas with support for cooking and preparations. The Hotel Gjeravica is a wonderful place to stay.

The next day

The next day in the morning you will start the ascent to the peak, going through wide meadows and the glacial lakes. Most of the trail gains hight slowly, with exception of two places. One getting to the lakes and the second harder climb is to get to the summit itself. With our guides taking the speed of the group this climb should not be a problem for any hiker to climb Gjeravica.

This hike is part of Via Dinarica Trail and part of the Peaks of the Balkans Plus trail designed by Balkan Natural Adventure.

After the hike the transport will be organized to come back to Junik. Price per Person depends on the group due to high transport prices.

This is a good motivation trip for companies and team building activities. Read blog post Gjeravica in Winter

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