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Balkan Natural Adventure, the premier tour operator in adventure tourism across the Balkans, is excited to announce the ultimate Familiarization (Fam) Trip in the Winter Peaks of the Balkans – see original trip description in the winter. This meticulously designed trail takes you through one of the most remote and captivating regions in Europe, showcasing the highlights of the Peaks of the Balkans.

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Who’s It For?

This exclusive Fam Trip is specially organized for tour operators, independent guides, and adventure journalists who wish to experience this remarkable journey for the first time.

Supported by the Swiss Development Agency, Balkan Natural Adventure will cover all trip expenses. To be considered for participation, please ensure you meet the following criteria:

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March 3rd, Sunday:
Arrival and accommodation in Peja, meeting and briefing.

March 4th, Monday:
Transfer to the trail, climb Maja Bardhe, overnight at Gacaferi Guest House.
Distance: 7.47 km, Climb: 609 meters, Descent: 609 meters.

March 5th, Tuesday:

Ski touring from Gacaferi to Trekufini peak, and on to Babino Polje, Montenegro. Sleepover in Babino Polje.
Distance: 10.7 km, Climb: 561 meters, Descent: 875 meters.

March 6th, Wednesday:
Ski touring from Babino Polje to Starac or Maja e Qenit, sleepover in Babino Polje.
Distance: 7.85 km, Climb: 820 meters, Descent: 820 meters.

March 7th, Thursday:
Ski touring Maja e Zezë and Maja e Ujkut, skiing in Dobërdol, Albania, and sleepover at the Guest House Doberdol.
Distance: 6.69 km, Climb: 623 meters, Descent: 460 meters.

March 8th, Friday:
Ski touring in Doberdol, Kershi Kocit, sleepover at the Guest House Doberdol.
Distance: 7.08 km, Climb: 592 meters, Descent: 592 meters.

March 9th, Saturday:

Ski touring in Doberdol, Maja Bardhe to Zalli Rupes, skiing back to the loop at Bjeshka Gacaferit, transfer to Pejë, and relaxation at the thermal baths.
Distance: 9.47 km, Climb: 666 meters, Descent: 894 meters.

March 10th, Sunday: Transfer to the Airport.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to explore the breathtaking winter landscapes of the Balkans and enhance your expertise in ski touring. Join us for an unforgettable adventure!
For other details of the trip and your application and more information please contact: [email protected]

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