The town of Plav Montenegro is located at 945 m above sea level, just above the lake, and the place Gusinje at 925 m above sea level, at the beginning of the basin, at the meeting of the Grncar and Vruja rivers, at the foot of the Accursed Mountains, along the border with Albania.

The whole area is slightly tilted to the north. This is why all rivers flow on that direction through the Lim River.

The area is very rich in water, due to abundant rainfall. It has many water springs (streams), streams and fast rivers, four very beautiful lakes (Plavsko, Hridsko, Visitorsko and Rojansko-Liqeni Gshars). There are also numerous waterfalls and other hydrographic objects. The Plave-Gusi or Plavsko-gusinje region has a modified, so-called sublimated climate, which at altitudes above 1300 m above sea level goes to the mountain. Plav is home to state border to the neighboring Albania. It borders the municipalities of Andrijevica, Rozaje; Peja and Decani in Kosovo and Kelmendi in Albania.

The basin of the lake is, in fact, the largest in the Balkans. The maximum width of the basin is about 5 km, and the length is about 25 km. The basin extends in the direction of north-south. It is surrounded with peaks which create probably the most beautiful glacier lake in the region at an altitude of 907 m.

Hikes in Plav Montenegro

From Plav Montenegro there are numerous hkes that one can do: Two most famous are Gerbaja valley, and Visitor peak and lake. However, there are many other hikes liked to the town of Plav and two villages next to it Gusi in Albanian and Gusinje is Serbian and Vuthaj/Vusanje. The wish list should contain also the hike to Hrid lake. This track which can be extended to Babino Polje is also part of the Peaks of the Balkans Trail.

Other activities in Plav Montenegro are fishing, kayaking, horse riding, biking and photo safaris. The Lake of Plav is a good destination for brave swimmers.

Coordinates of Plav : 42.6001° N, 19.9408° E.

Altitude : 906 m

Plav Montenegro is part of our Peaks of the Balkans Itinerary, contact us [email protected] for activities in Plav Montenegro

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