Balkan Natural Adventure
Guest house to Guest house

Guest House Ari and Guest house Shqiponja are to first sleepovers if you hike the awarded Peaks of the Balkans Trail.

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Hiking in Rugova Mountains

Hiking in Rugova Mountains is a must when you visit Kosovo. This valley is part of the Accursed Mountains and it includes the region around the riverbed of Lumbardhi i Pejes.

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Hiking in Lake Liqunat – Swim across the border

Liqenat hiking in Kosovo Rugova mountains is a unique experience. This hike will take you to the magnificent region of Kosovo next to the Montenegrin border.

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Wildlife tour in accursed moutains

This is the only Wildlife tour in the accursed mountains in Kosovo. It has been developed with nature lovers and guides who know every turn in these mountains.

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Kosovo daily excursions

You are in Kosovo and you feel like having a guided tour to get as much as possible in a short time? You based in Kosovo you have guests and you want to take them for a daily Kosovo excursion.

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Hiking in Kosovo

Kosovo hiking is a unique experience as the new country offers great opportunities for mountaineering, tracking, climbing and snowshoeing (click for offer).

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Try Archery 

Try archery in Kosovo next to the river. This is an activity taking place next to the city of Peja but still in the nature and outdoors. Together with our archery guide you will be able to shoot arrows at different targets.

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Hiking and archery in Kosovo

You can enjoy archery and hiking in Kosovo. This small excursion will fill your day with excitement and beautiful views on the Rugova Gorge and the City of Peja.

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Maja Jezerce climb it from any three countries

Maja Jezerce is the highest mountain in the Accursed Mountains, a range that holds the highest peak of Kosovo and Montenegro. With its 2694 meters is the second highest peak in Albania and the sixth highest in the Balkans.

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