Wildlife tour in accursed moutains

This is the only Wildlife tour in the accursed mountains in Kosovo. It has been developed with nature lovers and guides who know every turn in these mountains. You will have a chance to see the endangered species that hold the latin name Rupicapra, a goat antelope part of the Chamois family.

Balkan Natural Adventure will organise the trip from Peja starting at 06:00 and drive for some 50 minutes. Then the sighting will start. You will walk with a guide while keeping as quite as you can. On your 4 kilometres hike you will have two sports to possibly spot the goats and other wildlife like deer, fox or wild boar. You will continue to the third spot where the possibility increases a lot.

Balkan Natural adventure will bring two paris of binoculars to be used by guests who are encouraged to bring their own vision equipment including cameras with a big zoom.

Rupicapra, lives in accursed mountains and in Sharr mountains and is native to this region and south Asia. In Europe it lives in Alps as in Pyrenean mountains it is considered to be a different species.

The sighting will be from a distance in order to respect goat’s habitat.

You will return the same way making the trip total 8 kilometres. If you do not see the goats, as we can not guarantee, we will give you half of the money back.

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