Hiking and archery in Kosovo

You can enjoy archery and hiking in Kosovo. This small excursion will fill your day with excitement and beautiful views on the Rugova Gorge and the City of Peja. You will start in the morning and the guide will walk with you to Livadhi i Sakes. This is a two hours hike through a small pine tree wood, path and meadows. You will be parallel to the river Lumbardhi for more than e kilometre.

Your hike will take up to two hours and it is suitable for kids as the altitude change is not too big. At the top of the hike you can enjoy the view in the city of Peja and feel the breeze of the Accursed Mountains.

Here your guide and archery instructor will assemble a bow and will set up the place for shooting. The instructor will advise you step by step for your shooting in one particular place. This 30 thousand year old sport is always fun for any age. Based on your request we will bring the bow most suitable for the age group of the participants.

This is archery and hiking in Kosovo tour which can be combined with a Zip Line flight. You can jump in the Zip Line after the hike and pump yourself up with more adrenaline. You can decide to end the hike in a restaurant, home of a rope and adventure park, the only one in Kosovo.

If you are staying more than one day in the region please contact us we will make a package for you.

If you are an archer you will not be allowed to shoot with your own bow in open nature. You will have to go in the shooting range.

Included: Guide/Archery instructor Peja – Livadhi i Sakes – Peja
One bow for the participants
Lunch packets available at Euro 7 per person

Price Euro 95 for a group of up to 5, for bigger groups please contact us

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