Hiking in Kosovo

Kosovo hiking is a unique experience as the new country offers great opportunities for mountaineering, tracking, climbing and snowshoeing (click for offer). It is home to three big mountain ranges which are shared with neighbouring countries, Montenegro, Albania in the west, Macedonia and Albania in the south and Serbia in the north.

In the west of Kosovo you can hike in the Accursed Mountains which also home to the highest peak in Kosovo Gjeravica 2630 meters. Within these mountains lays the Rugova Valley, which is famous for its gorge and a number of villages which provide guest houses and three Via Ferrata (click for offer). In the Rugova Mountains there are a numerous hiking opportunities. One can hike to Hajla which also marks the border with Montenegro. A beautiful mountain crest which is also part of the Peaks of the Balkans(click for offer) hiking trail. Read more about Rugova Hiking (more on the region).

The second bigger valley in the Accursed Mountain suitable for hiking in Kosovo is that of Decan. This valley was created by the water of Decan Lumbardhi. The best peak to climb of this mountain is that of Mariashi. A long beautiful crest. From Decan you can also reach Bjeshka e Belegut and Milishevc, part of the Via Dinarica trail.
The third valley is that of Junik, which also takes you to the highest mountain of Kosovo Gjeravica.

Sharr mountains

The other group of mountains for Kosovo hiking is Sharr in the south. These are a more roundly mountains but with more snow in the winter and a numerous high peaks. They are less rich with water, and are shared between Kosovo and Macedonia. There is also a ski center called Brezovica which is nice but lacks investment.

The third range of Mountains for Kosovo hiking is the Mokna. It lays in the north of Kosovo, between Kosovo and Serbia respectively the Sandjak region of the Republic. Mokna and Berim peak are also home to a Via Ferrata which was built locally. Our company and a number of other operators offer different tours there. This part of Kosovo is also unique due to a huge water reservoir where one can swim, fish, and kayak.

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