Snowshoeing in Kosovo

The winter and snow open opportunities for beautiful outdoor activity of snowshoeing in Rugova, other parts of the Accursed Mountains or Sharr. Walking in the snow and enjoying beautiful nature of Kosovo is as simple as contacting us and we will take care for the rest. Equipped with latest models of Inook Snowshoes, carbon fibre walking pols and modern gaiters, our company can offer the best service available in Kosovo.

Balkan Natural Adventure has selected several trails that can be done in a day or longer snowshoeing hikes that would include a sleepover in the mountain guest houses, in Reka e Allages or in Drelaj. Or you can choose to stay in a three star hotel in Boge and combine your stay with a snowshoeing activity.

If you feel you want to do something special our guides will help you climb Gjeravica mountain or other peaks in Kosovo or Albania.

Join us for activities combined with the taste of the mountains and enjoying home cooking at Guest house Shqiponja in Drelaj.

Great activity with kids from 10 years old.

Snowshoeing itineraries Kosovo

Itinerary: Arrive in Peja at 9:00, meet your guide and take the equipment continue to drive in Boge, start hiking toward Shkrel for two to three hours, make a loop while walking in-between high pine trees covered with snow. Arrive back in Boge to go to have lunch at Shala family for a pure kosovo mountain taste.

Itinerary Sharr: Start in Prishtina, meet your guide drive together to Brezovica, briefing on equipment start climbing toward Piribreg peak. Make the loop come back to the Breza village, choose one of the hotels, stay for the night or just get back to Prishtina.

Or just contact us and tell us how much time you have and what would you like to visit we will make a snowshoeing trip based on what you like, in Kosovo or through our partners in Montenegro.

Price: Euro 25 per person
Minimum group: 4
Included: Guide, equipment: Snowshoes, Gaiters, sticks
Transport: Not included, if you do not have your transport we can arrange both transfers.
Lunch: Euro 10 at Shala familly,
BNA lunch pack: Goat cheese from Valbona, ajvar, bread and Blueberries for deserts: Euro 7
RENT ONLY THE SNOWSHOES FROM US: Euro 5 per Pair. (Sicks and Gaiters Euro 10 per pair)