Vusanje or Vuthaj – the village nested in the mountains

Vusanje or Vuthaj – the village nested in the mountains

To clarify, ‘Vusanje’ is how Slavic speakers refer to the place, and ‘Vuthaj’ is the Albanian speakers’ term. It is predominantly an ethnic Albanian village located in the Plav region. Part of it is a bucolic village nestled within the mountains, with massive landscapes imposing themselves onto the village. For some — though next to the main road — it is the village with the most spectacular views of all trail.

A portion of the village is filled with expensive villas belonging to the Vusanje/Vuthaj diaspora, mainly in the US, investing in their homeland.

Vusanje or Vuthaj is situated between the hike from Plav and the trail that will connect you to Albania’s village of Theth. Although the hike from Plav is part of the classic Peaks of the Balkans trail, parts of it are on asphalt roads and may not be as exciting. The hike from the village to Theth is the longest on the trail. However, it can be shortened by 5 kilometers if you opt for a transfer to Ropojana Lake.

The village is an ideal starting point for the loop to Gerbaja Valley, although some transport is needed. It is replete with guest houses and offers fairly nice accommodations. Access is straightforward via asphalt roads and even public transport. The village is also well-suited for longer stays, during which you can enjoy short excursions to Plav Lake.

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