BN Adventure in Kosovo becomes the contact point for Israeli Rescue 1

Balkan Natural Adventure has become the contact point for the Israeli search and rescue company Rescue One, in Kosovo. The Israeli company is extending its network to the Balkans as the number of tourists from the Jewish state in the region is increasing.

Balkan Natural Adventure based in Peja Western Kosovo next to the Accursed Mountains will have a 4×4 and a team of guides ready 24/7. The Balkans based company is co-owned by Nol Krasniqi member of the voluntary group of Search and Rescue team based in Kosovo.

For Rescue One this is an additional link to a wide network of companies and institutions to which they are connected in order to offer best possible services to their clients. The Israeli team already has support in Albania and Montenegro, now with this the famous trail of Peaks of the Balkans is covered from all three countries.

“We offer guided and self guided tours in the Accursed Mountains, and we had to do an intervention – luckily only once. The company organised a pickup for clients who had wondered outside the trail”, says Nol Krasniqi. “We executed this swiftly, we will do the same for any of our Rescue 1 clients”, he adds.

“Our Rescue team is very happy to strengthen it connections in the Balkan mountains, and looks forward to future collaboration with Balkan Natural Adventure.”

Balkans becoming a tourist destination 

After years of conflict the Balkans are becoming a touristic destination with both sea and mountain visits. As the neighbourly relations between countries are improving now the borders are not an obstacle to the tourists, who can hike from one country to the other with simple permits issued by the officials.

The trails are becoming more popular as they are also attracting media and bloggers who are reviewing companies and the hikes. The local service has improved a lot and offers full service for the interested clients.

Balkan Natural Adventure is a Kosovo based tour operator offering different tours in the Balkans, concentrated in the Peaks of the Balkans and Via Dinarika hiking trips. The company aims at offering the best balance between quality and price for their clients worldwide.

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