Weekend Cultural Tours

The Kosovo weekend tours can cover different parts of the country offering so different experiences. Combine two cities for your full experience. Or just contact us for a special design of cultural or natural tours in our country.

Visit all Kosovo UNESCO monuments see the religions clashing and living in harmony simultaneously. Or go and see the living legacy of the Kosovo war.


Firstly see the Newborn monument in honor of the newest State in Europe. Visit the Kosovo Field gazimestan where the famous Kosovo battle of 1389 was fought and Sultan Mehmet murdered. Step into Sultans tomb, only such monument outside of Turkey. Continue the trip with one of the jewels of Serbian Orthodoxy, the grand medieval Gracanica monastery, and Ulpiana Roman ruins. End with a neutral natural monument of Marbel cave.

Peja – Deçan – Prizren:

Experience the beauty and history of two of the holiest sites in Serbian Orthodoxy. Both the Patriarchate of Pec and Decan Monastery are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Then you will visit Dukagjini Kullas (towers) and one of the oldest cities in Kosovo: Prizren, a center of Kosovo religion, culture, history, and art.

In Prizren, you will find pristine Ottoman-era hammams, bridges, and mosques alongside the oldest Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo, Our Lady of Lejviš, built in the 13th century. Furthermore, you can combine the tour with wine tasting in Rahovec.

Gjakova – Rahovec – Prizren:

Gjakova offers the biggest qarshija in Kosovo and also a very well-preserved mosque with unique drawings of the Kosovo Kulla. From Hadumi mosque continue to Rahovec for wine tasting at the Muslim families who continue to make wine for generations. End the trip with a Prizren city tour enjoying the ottoman center with closely-knit traditions of different religions.

Vushtrri – Skenderaj – Mitrovica:

Vushtrri is the historic former capital of Kosovo. In its center, it has the central Ottoman fortress (Kale), Hamam, Stone Bridge, and Çesme (fountain). Get an insight into the divided city of Mitrovica with a visit to the Peace Bridge that links predominantly Albanian and Serbian sides together. Mitrovica, like all cities in Kosovo, is safe for visitors.

Following the itinerary, finish off with a visit to the Adem Jashari memorial complex in Skenderaj. The complex honors the founder of the Kosovo Liberation Army whose family’s sacrifice. It should be noted that this event was crucial in Kosovo’s fight for independence and resolute in a higher level.

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