Cook and taste the Rugova Mountain food

Join us for a bespoke cookery class! This activity offers a unique and fun experience for anyone who would like to learn Kosovo mountainous cooking skills. You will be learning how to cook delicious traditional dishes from Kosovo’s top Guest House hospitality expert.

The cooking menu consists primarily of Flija which is the top food in the mountains rich in butter and mazë (milk cream) and pastry. First, you will cook Flija layer by layer with the host of the family where you will be staying.

Secondly, in line with flija you will learn how to cook other sauces, which are served with pepper. In different regions, people refer to these sauces as gjizë e speca, speca me kos, or speca me long. Homemade bread and cornbread will be added to the menu as well.

For whom the tour is?

The tour is two days long, suitable for a weekend. During the tour, the first day will involve the food, and the second day you can take a small hike. In the winter there are places where you can sled, and in other seasons walking spaces for all ages. Interesting for families, food, and cultural explorers.

Furthermore, the activity will be even more fun as you will have to communicate by doing, as the cook has limited ability to foreign languages. The experience takes place in the mountainous village on Reka e Allages at the guest house Ariu. Fetije and Mustafa are experienced hospitality experts working in their guest house for more than 10 years.

They host people from all around the world especially those hiking in the Peaks of the Balkans, one of the epic trails in the Balkans. From Reka e Allages you can also climb Hajla or hike to other villages of Rugova.

Price: Euro 60 per person for a group of 4.

Included in the price:
Private transfer Peje – Reka e Allages
1 sleepover
6 meals
Rent for GPS
Logistic support
The price does not include:
Bus transfers 3 euro each
Guiding in the mountain

Additional services:
Mountain guide
Get full transport to avoid the bus
Try the zip line, or Via Ferrata on your first or the last day

Contact us for smaller or bigger groups and other options.

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