Peaks of the Balkans for 5 Days

This is the shortest and most affordable self-guided tour in the Balkan Peaks. Your journey unfolds from the charming town of Shkodra to the picturesque Valbona, navigating the stunning landscapes surrounding Komani Lake. Brace yourself for a unique twist as you approach Valbona, where part of the adventure involves a boat ride, treating you to awe-inspiring views and providing the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture.




Theth, Albania




Day 01: Arrival in Shkoder

Arrival at your overnight accommodation in Shkodra. If time promises, a short cultural tour
may be done.
Shkodra, the traditional center of the Gheg cultural region, is one of the oldest cities in Europe
and arguably the most attractive urban center in Albania.
Shkodra’s main tourist attraction is ruins of Rozafa Castle. Rising majestically upon a rocky
hill west of the city, the outcroppings and battlements paint a blazing picture against the
setting sun. From the castle there are fine views across a large lake, as well as across Shkodra
city and to the mountains beyond.

Day 02: Transfer Shkoder – Lake Koman – Valbone

Early in the morning you will be picked up at your hotel for a two-hour drive to get to the Komani Lake. The ferry ride across Lake Koman will leave you in awe as the ferry takes you through narrow, rocky cliffs and untouched mountains.

Lake Koman is not a real lake. It’s a reservoir created by a hydroelectric project in the 1970s. The journey from Koman terminates in Fierze, approximately two hours later, and from there you drive to your destination, Valbona valley.

Day 03: Hike Valbone – Rosi peak – Valbone

The walk from Valbona to Maja Rosit or Rosin Vrh goes through the half-deserted village of Kukaj. This part is very nice and easy track and in the midd summer you can stop at few village houses for a glass of milk or tea. The trail serpents through the canyon for several kilometers and it continues with a steep hike. Just before halfway the trail enters a rocky terrain.

As you go higher the view will open to Montenegro until you reach the peak to get the view in all three countries: Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo. Rosi summit, 2.523 meters high, lies on the border between Albania and Montenegro, and offers stunning views over both countries.

Rosi Mountain is especially interesting for botanists, because many flowers such as the endemic Albanian lily (Lilium albanicum), orchids and many others can be found there.

Day 04: Hike Valbone – Theth

This trail section is one of Albania’s most iconic hikes with spectacular views over Theth and Valbona valleys.
It starts from Valbona valley (940m) over the Valbona Pass (1795m) to the village of Theth (740m).
This approx. 17-kilometers route follows the path of an ancient mule track linking the tribal regions of Shala
and Nikaj. The hike goes through a narrow crest that gives a view in both of the valleys and is the most southern glacier in the northern hemisphere.

Day 05: Hike Theth – Nderlyse – Theth. Transfer to Shkoder

The village of Theth is one of the most picturesque places in Northern Albania. Preserved by the wild nature and very bad roads, the village has still the Kulla and other buildings dating back to the Middle Ages.

The village is 100 percent Roman Catholic and has the most unique structure in the world.
Kulla e Ngujimit is a three-story rock building with no windows. It served as a self-imposed exile for people who were involved in blood feuds.

You will spend this day walking in the village toward the waterfalls and naturally created “bath-tubs” of the river Shala. This is a short relaxing walk full of culture and natural beauties.


After the hike you will be transferred to Shkoder.

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