Peaks of the Balkans with Arineta

In a July Peaks of the Balkans tour, Balkan Natural Adventure will work together Kosovo sportswoman and mountaineer Arineta Mula, in implementing a unforgettable hike for ten days. Designed by ms Mula who has climbed some of the highest and toughest mountains in the world.


Theth and Valbona National Parks 

Kolata e Keqe the highest mountain of Montenegro

Gjeravica – The highest mountain of Kosovo

Rugova Canyon

Glacial lakes – Heart Shaped Lake, Hrid, Liqenat

July Peaks of the Balkans tour is the safest one to do in terms of the weather. There is very little risk of rain and you can enjoy swimming in the glacial lakes. This tour is will be maximum 12 people, and in that case there will be more than one guide. The company wants this to be remembered, join Arineta for this opportunity.

Arineta was member of the first Kosovar team to climb Mount Everest, and the first person from Kosovo and Albania to climb Ama Dablam. She has scaled numerous other challenging peaks, including Matterhorn and Eiger in Switzerland being the first Albanian woman to climb them successfully. She is dedicated to the promotion of nature and women’s engagement in the Balkans. She will lead just one promotional hike a year, which also aims to train and develop other women guides. This is her first Peaks of the Balkans Tour.

You can join the tour and support this initiative for support of girls and women in the Balkans. See the itinerary and contact us for more.

The whole itinerary is ten days however you can join at a later stage or finish earlier if you choose to.

July 15 – Arrival in Peja
July 16: Liqunat – Babino Polje
July 17: Babino Polje – Plavë
July 18: Plavë – Theth
July 19: Theth – Nderlyce Theth, (Possibility to end the hike and go in Albania seaside)
July 20: Theth – Valbonë (Possibility to end the hike, and get a transfer through the lake or through Gjakova. You can also join the hike here for the next 3 days)
July 21: Valbonë – Cerem
July 22: Cerem – Dobërdol
July 23 – Dobërdol – Gjeravicë
July 24 – Return to Peje

Detailed Itinerary Arineta  Map

For pricing, please contact us.

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