Peaks of the Balkans in Covid 19 Pandemic

Updated 25 may 2021

The pandemic has blocked most of the tourism in the world.  The situation in Peaks of the Balkans (POB) trail was difficult however now it has improved and it is normalizing slowly READ ABOUT THE 2021 Season. All countries are giving border crossing permits and our company can organize this. Balkan Natural Adventure is up to date with new regulations and looks at finding the best options to avoid limitations by the Covid 2 pandemic.

As the situation with the Pandemic is changing all the time so are the conditions for visiting the Balkans in Covid 19 pandemic conditions. Under the current circumstances, summer will be open to tourists and cross-border hikes will be allowed. The Accursed Mountains are not “going anywhere” and one can enjoy this spectacular environment from any of the three countries.

In case the borders close between Kosovo, Montenegro, and Albania and you have already planned your trip this will not block your hikes it will only change them. In this regard, one should stress that it is not very probable that the borders between Kosovo and Albania will close as the relations are very close.

Balkan Natural Adventure even in covid pandemic conditions can organize hikes and travel in the Balkans. Just in case we will make a plan for you.

Kosovo hiking in Covid pandemic

If you fly in Kosovo you will be transferred by a private pickup directly to the guest house in the mountains. There you will be able to enjoy a private accommodation, Covid proof and be away from crowds of people and city environment. The first station is Guest House Ariu in Reka e Allages and from there you will be able to climb Hajla Mountain, part of the POB trail. You will reach Drelaj village at the Guesthouse Shqiponja.

The next day you will hike through a small road to make a loop through Liqenat Lakes and hike through part of the POB trail that takes you to Babino Polje and return back to Kosovo.

On the third day, you can take a hike to the guest house Lojza in Milishevc a nice walk bordering Montenegro in some of the wildest parts of the Accursed Mountains.

A fourth day will include a hike in Doberdol which is in-between the border of Kosovo and Albania. The sleepover will be organized in the Kosovo part in order not to cross the border. While the final day, you will walk through Gjeravica Peak and end the Kosovo Accursed Mountain in four days. An additional visit can be organized in Sharr Mountains.

From Kosovo, you can drive quickly to Valbona Albania, and continue the trip there. Official borders between Kosovo and Albania will stay open and there is very little probability that they will be closed.

Albania hiking in Covid pandemic

Albania offers two highlights of the POB trail, villages of Theth and Valbona. The day can be filled with amazing hikes such as climb to Jezerce, from Theth, or Maja e Rosit from Valbona. One can hike other trails hidden and rarely trodden such as Vermosh and Curraj i Eperm.

Albania can offer seven days of hikes in the accursed mountains without trotting the same trail twice. After arrival in Theth, a two-day hike to Jezerce will give the opportunity to climb the highest peak of these mountains. After climbing Jezerce the third day will include a hike from Valbona to Qerem, and to Doberdol the next day, both part of the Peaks of the Balkans trail.

From Doberdol instead of hiking to Kosovo, one can go in direction of Tropoja. This turn will include a trail that is being developed for the Via Dinarica trail. After the visit to Tropoja and a short ride to Valbona, you can close your hike with the POB trail Valbona – Theth. In this hike, you will see the most southern glacier of the northern hemisphere.

The visit to Albania can be combined with a seaside visit and gastronomic visit.

Montenegro hiking in Covid pandemic

Montenegrin part of the Accursed Mountains holds some of the best open views, including Gerbaja and Maja e Rosit. Montenegrin tour of these mountains can be organized in the following days.

Arrive at Podgorica airport and transfer to Vuthaj/Vusanje in a private hut with an integrated bathroom, Covid proof. A small walk around the lake if the time permits.

The first day of the Hike will take you to Gerbaja peak, which offers one of the best open views in these mountains. A 10 plus kilometer hike in direction of Albania.

The second day will include a climb in Visitor peak and Visitor Lake, a hike outside POB trail but within the Accursed Mountains offering spectacular views.

After a small transfer in Plav the third day will include part of the Peaks of the Balkans trail which will take you to the heart of the Natural Park, passing through Hrid Lake. You will continue your walk to the village of Babino Polje. From Babino Polje it is possible to pass to Albania in Qerem without going to the city in Albania and crossing the border only for few kilometers.

Another day of the hike can include Maja e Rosit or even Maja Jezerc which is the highest mountain in the Accursed Mountains. The visit in Montenegro can be combined with some seaside.

The Peaks of the Balkans trail may be closed but the mountains are open.

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