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Gzim has received very good news in 2016. Karate became an Olympic sport, now he can train his pupils to compete in this international event. So yes your guide Gzim is a black belt karate teacher, motorcycle enthusiast and an animal lover. He takes his time off to walk his two German Shepherds.

If you read our tripadvisor Gzim’s name will be the most often mentioned. Clients love him and all his stories about the mountains and the city. In a tripadvisor review a Stef Moers says: “ Gzim (Henk), is the best tour guide ever. He learned us a lot about Kosovo and he added some cool games during the trip to make it more exciting. Book with this company!”

With a very good knowledge of english and a sportsmen physique Gzim offers safety to all people walking or climbing the Via Ferrata under his supervision.

He knows Rugova mountains as the palm of his hand. He has travelled through them by foot and by motorbike. He regularly visits Montenegro and is an active member of the off road motorcycle community in Peja.

Gezim is also a member of Marimangat climbing team, where he has learned about climbing and using ropes in times of emergency. With Gzim you are safe and you can have a lot of fun next to a beer after your climb.

Gzim Murati

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