Wild Albania Beaches Exploration

Wild beaches in Albania are a special treat especially in the south of the country. One of the best wild beaches  is Shen Andreu (St Andre) next to the village of Palace. This beach is reachable only by boat or an 8 kilometres hike.

Balkan Natural Adventure as a company offering tourism with minimal gas spending and transfers, has explored the Shen Andreu and Grame beachs. The expedition took place during December. This was a perfect time to feel the nature and enjoy it away from the noisy crowd of tourists. Swimming will be a bit difficult but the brave ones can give it a try from September to June. For a visit combined with swimming late autumn will be better than early spring. In Autumn the water is stil warm.

Albania November to June

This season also offers an abundance of other reaches. The Strawberry Trees are full of fruits which you can pick up at your will and mandarines and oranges have filled the market straight from the plantations. On your hike you can pick up wild sage and see flocks of goats and sheep enjoying these fields.

The visit can be made from Llogara, a pristine mountain next to the beach and a short drive to the village of Palasa, the begining of the trail. There from an ugly touristic resort constructed by rich people you will enter the nature. You will go next to the artificially dug tunnels of the communist regime  to go further into the wild walking next to the Ionian sea. This may be the best time to visit wild beaches in Albania, as they will most probably be empty. In Albania these are good places to visit in winter as the Peaks of the Balkans and High Scardus trails are closed.

A diverse trail with beach in the end

The rock trail goes through the beach woodlands, open panorama of the sea, deep into the bushes and up to elevated places with deserted structures. The trail is an old mule trail which was used by the Albanian Army during the communist times. The concrete army structures now destroyed feature olive trees and a huge underground water tank. This adds some history to the trail while the local guides speak of the history of wild beaches in Albania.

The trail ends at the Shen Adreu Beach totally wild with smooth rocks and sand surrounded by rocky walls. The forest will offer shade, whe its to hot. The cave in Shen Andre is adopted for camping and a shelter from the rain. The wood next to the beach offers pastures for wild and domesticated animals.

The beach is the crown in the top of the trail, where Balkan Natural Adventure will organise your pick nick and a small concert in demand.

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