Supporting the local mountaineering community

Balkan Natural Adventure has lent their equipment to local mountaineering community free of charge as part of the corporate social responsibility of the company, and as a tool of supporting the community that creates our priceless workforce, which makes snowshoeing in Kosovo a fun activity.

In the long weekend in the mod of February, when Kosovo was celebrating 10 years of independence, mountaineers run away from Rita Ora concerts in the serenity of the mountains.  The members of the oldest Mountaineering group in Kosovo called Gjeravica with a gigantic flag started climbing Guri i Kuq, a peak on the Peaks of the Balkans Trail. The climb, we were told, was great fun however they did not reach the peak. BNA provided snowshoes for the group, free of any charge.

Our friends from Peja gathered around Shijo edhe ti association made an attempt to climb the mountain of Cfrla. The group was also supported with company snowshoes, for their brave climb.

In a third group our guide super adventurer Adriatik Gacaferi, climbed the Maja e Alisë together with his friends.

Balkan Natural Adventure is proud to be able to share their equipment with the local mountaineering community. Increase in nature lovers will help the world, Kosovo and our company to be better and happier. See some of the pictures that Gjeravica association members have uploaded in their facebook page. Balkan Natural Adventure provides top snowshoes of the Inook brand produced in France. It is the only company in Kosovo that provides gaiters and poles in the set.

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