Ski touring in Kosovo and Albania

Sharr mountains are perfect for ski touring in Kosovo, Albania and North Macedonia. They lay between Kosovo, Albania and North Macedonia and are high round older mountains with very few rocky cliffs. The tour is thought through the whole range of the mountains selecting the best parts of the each valley. You will reach mountain peaks with open panorama views. Among the places you will visit some are popular ski resorts with crowds at the beginning of the trail some are in more remote areas where you will be “solo” enjoying the mountain. Through the whole ski touring trail in Kosovo, Albania and North Macedonia there will be a local guide, member of Kosovo Special Military Forces who has made the trail several times during the last three years.


Korab Peak – The highest peak of Albania and North Macedonia

Radomira – The picturesque village in North Albania with very low number of visitors

Virgin mountains – Trails which are not crowded with tourists and the views are not interrupted by ski lifts or other men made structures.

Local food – Local cooked specialities based on meat and vegetables and dairy products

Wellcome – People in this region have not seen a big number of tourists they are happy to see you visiting the place and will pay a sincere welcome to any traveller.


Day 1: Inflight to Pristina airport transfer to Brezovica (82 km 1.5h driving), possibility to do some local rides.

Brezovica is Kosovo’s biggest ski resort, but it is small compared to anything in Switzerland or generally in Western Europe. Has some pistes, black, red and blue. The lifts are old some up to 50 years, the place lacks investment. Using the lift in weekend is pretty difficult due to the crowds. For ski touring it is nice as the sport is not too popular so you will be more or less alone. Accommodation 3 star hotel. Possibility of experiencing a communist stule hotel. 

Day 2: Ski touring Brezovica

Start 1750m to  Black Rock Peak 2536m, altitude difference 870 m. Climbing  +/- 3.5 h then the sliding down the slope. Sleepover in Brezovica or transfer to Prevalla 40 min. One of the favorite places for ski touring in Kosovo.  

Day 3: Ski touring Prevalla

The trail on this day is longer and has a bigger altitude gain. It will take you to Dovodenica peak  2510, 1190 m difference from the starting point. The climb will take +/-  4.5 and you will ski the downhill free ride. Sleepover in a boutique hotel similar to a 3 star.

Prevalla is not a ski centre the only activity provided is ski touring, with a little lift functioning from time to time. The mountains will be more or less empty of people and any sign of humans including the possibility of panorama without lift cables.

Day 4: Ski touring Prevalla

Will be the second day Prevalla starting at 1515 m reaching Guzhbaba peak 2609 m, with 1110m. The trail will take +/- 4,5 h, plus the downhill. Transfer to Dragash 1:40 min.

Day 5: Ski touring Kleq peak 

10 minutes to get to the start of the trail start at 1300m altitude to get to the Kleq Peak 2467m 1100m with timing +/- 4,5 h uphill. Ski down for dinner and transfer to Radomira in Albania 3 hrs.

Day 6: Ski touring Radomire (check out high scardus trail)

Radomira is a small village in north Albania which is new in tourism dominating with summer hiking trails. The village is picturesque with houses made of stone and narrow roads. From here you will climb the highest mountain of Albania and North Macedonia. This will be a special experience, the stay will be at a guest house, basic anmities provided. This is a must do for ski touring in Albania.

The trail from Radomira 1245m to Korab peak 2751m 1500m +/- 6h, plus the skiing downhill.

Day 7: Ski touring Radomire

The second day you will climb the twin peak of Korab, called the small Korab 2300m 1000m +/-4 h and the ski down. The day will end with transfer to the city of Prizren in Kosovo for a traditional dinner and a 3 stars plus hotel. 

Day 8: transfer to airport


Transfer: From airport to airport and all other internal

Guide: Local internationally certified experienced ski touring guide

Sleepover: 7 nights

Food: Three meals for every day in the mountain, including a packet takeaway lunch.

Price: Euro 969 per person, free for the guide coming with the group of (5 persons)