Short break in the Accursed Mountains


Climb top summits in Montenegro and Kosovo, experience the Albanian Accursed Mountains.
See the Cold War bunkers marking the frontier where nature took advantage from the strict border protection.
Trail through glacial lakes, with the purest water, home to Triton salamanders and other endemic fauna.
Enjoy Komani Lake with thick rocky walls in the middle of wild nature, visit Shkodra in Albania.
This trip can be organised with Wizzair flights from Luton – Friday to Wednesday.

Day 1 – Friday

To start your short break in the Balkans you will Arrive in Kosovo and drive next to the Accursed Mountains for lunch, accommodation at the hotel. Visit to the Rugova gorge, slide in 650 meters zip line, and climb the Via Ferrata Ari going through ancient caves used by monks in middle ages as a place of worship. The via Ferrata trip lasts for two hours so it will be a nice entry to the next day hike in-between your lunch and dinner.

Day 2: Gjeravica Doberdol – Saturday

Distance: 18 KM, (11 miles)
Uphill: 915, (3000 ft)
Downhill 980, (3300 ft)
Minimal elevation: 1534, (5032 ft)  Maximal Elevation 2656 (8713 ft)

Drive to the start of the trail (1hrs) and start the first day of hike to climb Kosovo’s Highest Peak Gjeravica. This path will take you to the highest mountain summit of Kosovo and then through the border into Albania. The trail is included in some of the versions of the famous Peaks of the Balkans (see video and other references for the trail). You will go through a border which is almost not patrolled at all. However during the communist regime in the Balkans this was the border between Albania and Yugoslavia and one of the most protected in the world with bunkers marking it.

You will be hiking between two shepherds villages in two different countries, however sharing same culture and language. These two valleys have been connected by culture but disconnected by political borders. The hike will include two glacial lake and reaching one of the most isolated corners of Europe: No mobile network, no electricity and no roads. Sleepover in the village of Doberdol.

Day 3: Doberdol – Cerem – Sunday

Distance: 15 KM (9.3 m)
Uphill: 449 (1473 ft)
Downhill: 1025 (3362 ft)
Minimal elevation: 1152 (3779 ft) Maximal Elevation 1920 (6300 ft)

You will walk between two shepherds villages inhabited only during the summer. The villagers camp in these mountains in order to use the abundant pastures. Doberdol is connected to the world only by small tracks, not reachable by cars. On the way you will pass through the village of Balqin, part of the Gashi valley. These parts of the Accursed  Mountains are under strict protection, as they are also home to glacial lakes of Sulbica platou. The families living here produce dairy products to be sold in the market and offer basic services to tourists including tea and milk to be shared during breaks. Gashi woodlands are under UNESCO protection as part of the Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathian’s and the Ancient Beech Forests of

Germany, which now stretches over 12 countries: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine.

Via Ferrata VIdeo

Via Ferrata VIdeo

Day 4: Cerem – Kollata – Valbona – Monday

Distance: 20 KM (12.4 miles)
Uphill: 1400 (4600 ft)

Downhill 900 (2950 ft)
Minimal elevation: 2048 (6700 ft) Maximal Elevation 2535 (8300 ft)

This trail will go through Kollata Keqe or Zla Kolata peak which is the highest peak of Montenegro 2535 meters or 8300 feet. Though beautiful, the trail is used only in past few years, it makes a small hop to Montenegro, while mostly you will be in Albania. This is one of the best hikes in the Peaks of the Balkans trail which is considered as an epic journey through Accursed Mountains.

Part of the hike is quite steep and will take you to the rocky platou where you will turn to enter Montenegro and climb Kollata. The village of Cerem is very small and it was created from the summer shepherds camp when the border between Yugoslavia and Albania was closed. You will end this day in the Village of Valbona which is the biggest village in the Valbona National Park. Dinner closing the hiking, sleepover in higher quality accommodation.

Day 5 – Tuesday

Transfer to the Lake Koman, take the ferry and slip through water passages created by the thick rocky lake walls. Enjoy scenery of wild Albania while in a boat.

At the end of the lake you will take an one hour 30 minutes transfer to the city of Shkodra. After a rich lunch (included in the price) you will visit the Shkodra castle. An ancient monuments with living legends and amazing views, to the sea and the mountain.

After a cool slow afternoon in Shkodra a personalised vehicle will take you to  Tirana Airport, to end this short break in the Balkans.