Weekend in Valbona

Weekend in Valbona is a nice escape from both Tirana and Prishtina, or a good addition to your balkan travel. Valbona valley has become a touristic hiking destination offering one of the starting points for Peaks of the Balkans trail or just a base to do hikes around the village. The daily tours include hike to the village of Kukaj, a climb in Kollata through Qafa e Perslopit, or even a climb to the highest peak in Accursed Mountains Maja Jezerce.

For visitors with families there are nice hikes in the village and one can continue the trip with Komani Lake ferry.

After a mere three hour drive from Prishtina, you can find yourself in the heart of Albania’s Valbona Valley — one of Europe’s wildest and most remote national parks. Nestled in the Accursed Mountains (often referred to as the Albanian Alps), the park is home to a few guesthouses from which we can base our exploration. Spend a weekend hiking the nearby forests and swimming in Albania’s cleanest river, or take one of Albania’s most iconic hikes to the remote village of Theth where you can experience true Albanian mountain hospitality. There are a wealth of options that we can offer for as many days as you can spend in Valbona, so contact us, we can put together a tailor-made proposal for your journey.

With Balkan Natural Adventure you can visit these mountains with a guide or check our self guided offer. Peaks you can climb from Valbona Maja JezerceMaja Rosit and Kollata e Keqe/Zla Kolata

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