Via Ferrata Berim in Zubin Potok

Via Ferrata Berim in Zubin Potok is the top attraction of Northern Kosovo, and the longest Via Ferrata in the region. It holds two hanging bridges one 27 meters and the other about 7 meters. In difference from the Via Ferrata Mat and Ari in Rugova canyon this trail is constructed with loose side wires and smaller space for stepping, making it more difficult one but full of adrenaline at the same time.

Via Ferrata Berim goes through a vertical cave and has a bench hanging in the air giving you a wonderful view of the valley. The ferrata goes straight vertically up through the rocky face surrounded by vallies with a look on the lake.

Via Ferrata is In Zubon Potok Municipality located on the rocks of Berim on Mokra Gora Mountain. It is 25km far from Zubin Potok city centre, and the road to Via Ferrata crosses the Gazivode Dam further to Kovace Village, followed by a gravel road to Previja and further to Berim.

Via Ferrata Berim begins with a hike through a mountain path where the logistic camp is situated. The first vertical part is about 80m. This is where you will go through the cave with a bench placed on the edge.

Hanging bridges

Up to the top you will go through three peaks of Berim Mountain. The first peak is around 160m of height difference from the starting point. This is where you can also quit the ferrata or continue to climb further.

Further there is a rest area good for taking photos of beautiful landscapes of Ibarski Kolasin, Rogozna and Kopaonik Mountains. A small part of Gazivode Lake is also visible from this Via Ferrata in Zubin Potok. The climb on Via Ferrata ends here, and the path continues further down the steep slope to the logistic camp.

Though the last part of the climb may be a bit tiring we recommend to finish the climb. If you quit ferrata earlier you will have to go back through an uncomfortable gravel path.

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