Maja Arapit – The Albanian Matterhorn

Maja e Arapit has been nicknamed the Matterhorn of the Accursed Mountains, due to its pointy shape. This is a majestic peak that has been explored a lot by professional and motivated rock climbers. However the southern ridge is not technical climb giving opportunity to hikers without climbing experience to get to the top.

This peak lies in the section of the Peaks of the Balkans (POB) trail which goes from Vuthaj/Vusanje to Theth. One can include the Maja e Arapit climb in POB trail or climb it from Theth or Vuthaj/Vusanje. From Theth one walks towar Okol west toward Montenegro then climbes Qafa e Pejes all part of the POB trail. At the rim of the plateu one turns to climb the peak which constitutes a hike of two hours. The 98 per cent of the trail is a straight hike, while just before the top one has to use hands also to pass a short path.

Mount Arapi is famous among climbers as it offers several climbing routs. It is only the south part that offers hiking level climb to the top. Rock climbers from all around the world have summited Maja Arapit through different routs. First rope climb was done by Eastern German climbers in the sixties during the communist Albania.

Geologically the most interesting part of Maja Arapit is that the final part is suggested that is mage from extruded iron. In plain English it was created from volcanic magma which is a specific feature of Maja Arapit.

Climb from Montenegro

Maja Arapit can be climbed from Vuthaj/Vusanje Montenegro but the trail is much longer than from Albania and it includes a border crossing. The trail starts in Vusanje goes through Radomire (Possible to go through with 4×4) and then it vontinues to Qafa e Pejes where it joins with the point to turn for the reac of the peak.

Balkan Natural Adventure offers hikes from both countries and we include the border permit administration, for Albania and Montenegro. This peak can be included in longer hikes we organise both guided and self guided. The GPS file bellow offers a round hike to Maja e Arapit and back to Theth.

From Theth

Distance: 21.73 Km (68,897 feet)
Ascent/Descent 1,321 m (4,330 feet)
Price: starting Euro 30 per person group of 4

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