Hasan’s Peak or Maja e Hasanit

This is short sweet and a very nice hike to a mountain peak 1900 meters altitude. However it is still a mountain and needs some efforts to summit it. Balkan Natural Adventure has added Maja e Hasanit or Hasan’s Peak to the list of short hikes in Kosovo from Peja because this trail fulfils some specific criteria. We believe its a best combination for someone who wants to climb a peak in a shorter time, without being in top shape.

Climbing Hasan’s Peak takes 3 to 4 hours or 6.2 kilometres with 350 meters altitude difference return. These numbers make this an easy hike: More than a promenade to Livadhi Sakes and less than liking Lake Liqenat – and iot includes a summit.

In winter the starting time for Maja e Hasanit can be in late morning. After a small transfer through mostly asphalt road you will park and then start the hike. The trail goes through nice dirt road to continue shortly through a wood. The last part of the walk is in the crest from where you will enjoy majestic views. In the summer this short hike in Kosovo can be an afternoon hike starting after lunch at 15:00 hrs.

The nature is quite preserved and the place is rich with flora and fauna. On a good day if you walk slowly and quietly you can meet the wild goats Rupicapra Rupicapra, which could be called also the European gazelle.

Maja e Hasanit in winter, click in the photo for the full album

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