Camping in Hajla weekend

Hajla Camping

There are two options for spending the night:
One is the mountain huts which offer only basic accommodation: Roof, water, outdoor toilet, cooking facilities. However it is very attractive and the huts are built to fit the mountain.
Second option is Hajla camping in tents which you can bring or one rent from Balkan Natural Adventure at a reasonable price. For the camping trip the water facilities of the hut can be used.
In both cases there is the possibility of building a fire in the night and share a glass of wine or beer after dinner.

The hike

For this hiking trip one needs a four wheel drive (can be rented for 50 EUR in Peja) to get to the impressive village of Pepiq in over 1000 meters altitude. The village with very few modern buildings is mostly frozen on time, as a lot of Balkan villages are.
The walk from the village starts with an easy hiking trail which offers open views of the mountains, and the city of Peja, up to the Kosovo plain. The easy path will take you at the beginning of the Hajla Mountain, one of the highest peaks in accursed mountains,  at the camping grounds.
The climb itself is a walk in very steep terrain in which the crest looks as a wonderful trophy after a hard work. The crest itself opens the views of the Montenegrin Mountains, views which explain why the country bares that name (The black mountain). The crest itself is the administrative and natural border between Kosovo and Montenegro.
The peak is at 2403 meters and is totally worth doing it. The returning path makes a small loop.
On the first day the walk takes you to the camping grounds, as the climb will be made on the second day, as a separate hike. For those who want to enjoy camping but feel reluctant to make the hike to the top of the mountain the area offers a lot of places to wonder around and enjoy the nature. In August the area offers blueberry hunting, as during the other seasons those trained can hunt for mushrooms, including, Porcini and Morchella.


This trip can be done by mixed groups, where they are divided in two parts. One groups can wait in the valley and enjoy the nature with a pick nick, as the other group climbs the mountain. The terrain at the beginning of the difficult part is very nice for short walks or just enjoying nature with kids.
PP Euro 25 – no guide, no transport included. Both giuides and transport can be arranged.

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