Border crossing permits

BNA offers the administrative service of issuing border crossing permits for Peaks of the Balkans between Kosovo, Montenegro, and Albania. This service is offered with the guarantee that all the permits are registered by the police authorities. We have agents in all three countries.

For our work and to cover the taxes in Montenegro we charge Euro 20 per person with a minimum charge of Euro 40 if you are a solo traveler. To apply for your border permits please fill this Google form (Currently we are not offering this service). When you fill out your form we need your information including, a passport copy, date time, and place of your crossing. Once approved, you will receive an email from us with your border crossing passes. If you find that the information is not clear please contact us, BNA is here to provide you with the explanation. We can provide border permits for Kosovo; border permits for Montenegro and Border permits for Albania.

BNA offers many services for Peaks of the Balkans trail.

Set up dates in which you join groups of people from all around the world. In this regard, we offer smaller groups and guaranteed dates. Try our flexibility options – shorten or extend your trip for cultural tours.

Private hiking services for groups that you create for friends, families, or business companies that want to make a trip in the Balkans. In this regard, we have worked with many charities to organize Challenges, valuable culture in British society.

Self-guided tours in which we organize all of your bookings and you hike yourself the whole trip. In this way you will be safe you will have a company helping you and you will hike by yourself. This is recommended for experienced hikers only.

To book your border permits please contact us in our chat program or by mail and we get back to you.

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