Peaks of the Balkans biking tour

If you are in search of a mountain biking trip, join us, and soak in the idyllic beauty of breathtaking landscapes of Peaks of the Balkans, as you pedal through the trail that still feels wild.

We already have explored the hills and woodlands of this trail by hiking, so we are expanding our adventurous spirit and giving you the chance to try it on two wheels!

Experience the famous hospitality of the locals, and the best scenery that the Peaks of the Balkans trail have to offer – from peaks and gorges to emerald-colored lakes, with fresh air that accompanies you during the tour. Try our flexibility options – shorten or extend your trip for cultural tours.

Day 1: Peje – Milishevc – Zllanopoje

Distance: 18 km
Uphill: 1200 m
Downhill: 200 m

The tour will start three kilometers from the Peja City Center going toward Milishevc through a tractor road. The trail goes through a basin that firstly was a lake to get to the plateau which gives 360 degrees view of the mountains. Sleepover in Lojza guest house.

Day 2: Zllanopoje – Bjeshka e Belegut – Qafa Bogiqes – Babino Polje

Distance: 32 km
Uphill: 800 m
Downhill: 700 m

From this picturesque guest house disconnected from electricity and telephone, you will continue to bike through high mountains and crests to get to the summer camp of Belegu. From there through the border you will reach Babino Polje your first stop in Montenegro. There you will be welcomed by Enko obviously a local legend and a range of the National Park.

Day 3: Babino Polje – Doberdol – Cerem

Distance: 39 km
Uphill: 700 m
Downhill: 950 m

At this time you will leave Babino Polje to climb slowly toward Doberdol in Albania. This is probably the most isolated village in the Peaks of the Balkans. There firstly you will stop for a drink at Bashkimi guest house to continue to Cerem where you will stay for the night.

Day 4: Cerem – Qafa Vranices – Plav

Distance: 20 km
Uphill: 500 m
Downhill: 600 m

Following the itinerary, you will spend the day going back to Montenegro, to the town of Plav, home to the biggest glacial Lake in the Balkans. Furthermore, you will go through a valley which is seldom visited as it is outside the usual Peaks of the Balkans trail.

Day 5: Plav – Cakorr – Peje

Distance: 70 km
Uphill: 870 m
Downhill: 1300 m

Last but not least this is a long day but most of the biking will be on an asphalted road. You will be going through turns of Cakorr, which in Old Yougoslavia were used to get to the Montenegrin coast, by many western tourists. Whereas this trail can be shortened with a car transfer.

Join us at our open date: July 3 – 7

Euro 790 private tour for one person
2 pax – Euro 600 per person
3 pax and more – Euro 500 per person


Guide: 5 days
Accommodation: 4 nights in guesthouses, provided with clean sheets, and warm showers. In the mountains, the rooms are shared
Melas: 1st day dinner, 2nd to 4th day three meals, 5th day breakfast and lunch packet
Border crossing permits

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