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Peaks of the Balkans map

Peaks of the Balkans map bellow laid in Google maps. This map is constructed from original GPS files of Balkan Natural Adventure. Our company offers Peaks of the Balkans hiking support successfully for years. We offer tours which we believe are the best balance between price and quality.

We offer two kinds of services in Peaks of the Balkans: Self-guided – in which case we provide with GPS files, booking services, border permits and other support by phone or mail; Guided services – in which we provide full service from pickup in the airport to return to airport of your choice.

The Peaks of the Balkans Map bellow is the original one as foreseen by it’s creators, plus we have added a GPS file which takes you from Theth to Nderlyse a nice short hike to the river of Shala mountains.

Balkan Natural Adventure, offers different versions of the Peaks of the Balkans map trail from 5 to 15 days, including daily and weekend excursions: One diversion is to climb the highest mountain in Kosovo Mount Gjeravica; One other diversion is to take a 3 hours car ride to the Sharr Mountains and climb Mount Korab the highest mountain of Albania. This package can include climbing Zla Kolata the highest mountain of Montenegro, which is in the hiking section Valbone – Cerrem.

One way to shorten the trail is to cut trough two hikes in Montenegro and one in Kosovo with a vehicle transport. What we suggest to cut is Milisevc – Reka e Allages; Babino – Polje – Plav and Plav Vuthaj. If you want to cut further one can hike from Doberdol to Babino – Polje, but in this way you will not be sleeping in Kosovo at all you will just make a pass through the country. Fore other maps and variations of the trail  please do contact us.

Enjoy our map, enjoy our site, contact us for your peaks of the balkans trail