Peaks of the Balkans in November

A German client hiked parts of Peaks of the Balkans and Via Dinarica trail, in November with some snow over the mountains. Our guide Adriatik Gacaferi planned the trip which went from Reka e Allages, through the mountains to reach the Mountains of Deçan the Zllanopoja, region. The whole trip was in Kosovo side of the Accursed Mountains.

From reka e Allages the first hike of some 15 kilometers included Hajla e Keçe, the Fatos Lajci guest house and down at Drelaj, to be hosted by the Shala Family.

Day two included the hike through Liqenat and two glacial Lakes, through Shkodra Pass which in Peaks of the Balkans trail is used to go to Babino Polje, Montenegro. However this time the trails went through the Peak of Leqinak (Maja Leqinakut, 2472) meters, to end in Zllanopoja. As at this time of the year the guest house is closed, our guide took care ti make a deal with the owner in order to use the facilities.

Third day included return to Peja and climbing two Via Ferrata.

This is a short trip designed with the client based on his availability and physical conditions. Balkan Natural Adventure, treats every group and client separately making hikes and other products to fit the clients. Do contact us and check what we can offer for you, guided, self-guided, supported with horses and flexible hikes.

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