Mentor Vokshi is one of top Peaks of the Balkans guides. He was awarded by the Balkan Natural Adventure for the best review a guide has ever got.
Among others the reviewer said: ”’meeting Mentor restored my faith in the human race’, he was a patient, kind, salt of the earth man”. All of reviews that he got were 5 stars. Check Tripadvisor reviews
A passionate person about everything he does. He has in depth knowledge of the mountain routs, history, of the region, a cultured person. Hiking is his passion, thus he has joined our team after a long experience working as civilian for the Italian army based in Kosovo, and most importantly after his career as a professional sports person.
He has played basketball for the Star Gordola team in Ticino Switzerland as well as for two local teams in Peja, Besa and Dukagjini.

Born in Peja next to the mountains he has spent most of his life in the city, however in his international engagement he spent few years in Ticino Switzerland where he has also learned Italian. He followed in his language passion with a professional certificate from University of Perugia. Other than his excellent Italian he speaks and writes in English, Serbian and of course his native Albanian. He studied economics and management at the University in Peja.
Mentor has guided tours in Peaks of the Balkans as well as in other trails both in summer and winter. When there are no clients he again goes to the mountains.

He is patient, with great attention to details and great communicator. He has worked with tough strong hikers as well as with families with kids adjusting his pace and trails depending from the clients. We are proud to work with him.

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Peaks of the Balkans guide Mentor

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