Hajla climb in a foggy day

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Hajla in a foggy day is not bad at all, actually it is very nice, with a guide like Adnan its pretty cool. Our clients from Switzerland chose the two day Hajla climb from the guest house of Mustafe Nikci where they had traditional dinner, breakfast and a takeaway lunch to eat while in the mountain. After the booking was agreed the clients came in the afternoon at the guest house to meet the guide and start the adventure.

After a 40 minutes ride they met with the host at the guest house and were introduced with the traditional diner, dominated by dairy products meat and bread. Nafije Nikci is a very good cook as her cooking is never monotonous with several dishes always there for tasting. The dinner served and up to sleep for the hike tomorrow.

The weather was not the best in the world, however as the Norwegians say there is no bad weather, there is just inappropriate clothing. Thanks to the guide the fog was not a problem and the trail was clear, in the middle of the day top of the Hajla 2503. The 360 degree view was substituted with a mistique fogy experience. The rocky top of the mountains was that much covered by fog so it just allowed for the clients to see the trail. Some hard work but worth.

The brave Swiss made it to the top with trainers, not really  recommended  but as seen here doable. Come again.

Group 4 people
Price per person 49 Euro
Inclusive: Three meals, sleepover, Guide.

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