Gjeravica in winter

Our guide Adriatik and our client from Scotland were climbing Gjeravica in winter conditions in a tour organised on request from the client,  who was visiting Kosovo for business but managed to secure some time for his passion the mountains at the same time, this February.

The three day tour started in rainy conditions. On the first day after a car transfer, through Gryka e Decanit Adriatik and our guest drove to the place called Zalli i Rupes. After the drive the walk took three hours to get to the mountain hut the base camp. Company snowshoes Inook were used as the snow was deep. The team started the fire and the place was filled with the cozy warmth of burning wood in the stove. Warm tea and dinner closed the day.

On the second day when the weather was still dominated by a fog and snow the team climbed a lower peak, the White Peak or Maja e Bardhe 2415 meters. The snow was hard enough and the hike was not to difficult. However the view was blocked by the dense fog. Thanks to the experienced guide ad the GPS equipment of the company there was no difficulty in orientations. At the top of the mountain the pick nick lunch was served and views enjoyed. The team started descending, and while doing this the fog gave way to the views. In front of the team Gjeravica appeared. It was the plan for the next day.

The fog clears

The last day of the trip was the cherry on top of the pie Kosovo’s highest Gjeravica (see photos bellow). Adriatik and his guest were blessed with good weather and the hike went smoothly to get to the top of the mountain and get the view of the sea of the mountain peaks in Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro. The previous cold had frozen the snow so the hike was easier. At 2400 meters the snow was turned to ice and the team had to wear crampons and use the Ice picks. On a very good weather the team reached the top with no problems.

The Gjeravica Peak is in the crossroads of the Accursed Mountains. It is part of our Peaks of the Balkans Tour and also part of our Via Dinarica tour, both partly open all year and fully from June to October.

This was a tour organised on demand from the client. We have worked with the client through e-mail in finding the best was to implement and what part of the mountain to climb. Balkan proved its 5 star rating this time too offering on demand tour.


Day 1: Peje – Kozhnjer – Placica of Junik

Day 2: Placica – Maja Bardhe

Day 3: Placica Gjeravica – Peje

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