Cultural experience with Leonidha

Discover cultural tours in Albania while driving your or a rented car. Meet local people visit hidden villages, caves and beaches, away from the crowd.  Balkan Natural Adventure will make sure you get to the best spots.

We are introducing you our cultural experience expert Leonidha Thoma Mako. Born in South of Albania Leonidha has studied tourism in Nicosia, Cyprus, to find jobs in US in some prestigious hotels in the management level.

Pushed by the beauty and love of Albania Leonidha returned home to start its own business and work as a guide in the lovely Southern Albania, and in Kosovo. Leonidha knows the secret corners of this diverse region. As a diver and a mountaineer he has been on -20 as well as in plus 2000 altitude to experience and find the secrets of Albania. Hidden beaches, caves in the sea, mule rides and polyphonic concerts in bucolic villages with freshly made food, would be some of the choices. Ideal for families with kids.

Leonidha can help you design your own cultural tours in Albania or elsewhere in the Balkans where native Albanian is spoken, in a self guided driving tour or he can himself guide you through the country he loves.

Contact us! we will design your self-guided driving tour, you will pay discounted local prices for rent and accommodation, we charge Euro 200 for booking, design and organisational services for the whole group.

Contact us: [email protected]

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