Climbing the piribreg in Sharr, by Vivianne Rau

My friend and I, two travelers in Kosovo, had the pleasure of enjoying an unforgettable day with not one, but three tour guides of the Balkan Natural Adventure team in the Sharri National Park. Adriatik, Nol and Marigona are super nice and experienced hiking guides and also the snow could not dissuade us to climb the top of the Maja Piri Bregut at 2524 meters. The three picked us up from our accommodation in Prizren in the morning and we drove together to Brezovica, a famous ski resort in Kosovo. On our way there, we could already envision the beauty of the mountains and breathtaking snow-capped mountain peaks. Arriving in Brezovica, we started our day tour at 1700 meters altitude. Equipped with snowshoes, hiking sticks, and a positive attitude, we started the climb. At the beginning of the trail, the snow was just covering the ground. However, the higher we went, the deeper the snow became. We were glad to be walking with our guides, as the trail markings through the snow were not always visible. Adriatik explained the stunning landscape to us and which mountains were passing in front of us. At any time, we were surrounded by postcard-like panoramas and the sun rays shining happily on our faces. We took a few small breaks to take a breather and enjoy the great view. It was a completely different feeling to stand in the middle of the scenery finally, which we saw in the morning from afar in the car. We were fascinated by the clear air, the unforgettable view, and the sportive activities. We hiked from peak to peak along the mountain range. After four and a half hours we finally reached the much desired peak of the Maja Piri Bregut. In the summer, this would be a two and a half hour stretch, we were told. Due to the recent heavy snowfall, the time was a bit longer. On the top, we congratulated ourselves with high-fives and felt overwhelmed to have achieved the goal. It was exhausting to walk through the high snow, but every single step was worth it. The sensational experience to stand there and have such a magnificent view over the landscape is unique and simply recommended to everyone! The three tour guides kept us motivated and we had a lot of fun together. It is clear that each individual is a passionate nature lover and likes to practice their profession. We thank you very much for this great day at Balkan Natural Adventures and say goodbye!

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