A hike accompanied only by nature – Peaks of the Balkans in April

Balkan Natural Adventure opened the season of the Peaks of the Balkans trail with a hike in midd April, a silent human-less experience in majestic mountains of Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro, says our guide Adriatik.

Our Israeli client Issi took a solo trip with our guide Adriatik to do a small loop track starting in Valbona, going through Montenegro, Vusanje/Vuthaj coming back to Theth Albania and passing the iconic pass Theth to Valbone to end what we at BNA calls short Peaks of the Balkans trail.

“There was snow but it was still hard and we could walk on top of it, we did not need the snowshoes”, explains Adriatik. “When we stopped for lunch in Qafa e Perslopit 2050 we enjoyed the food we had taken and plunged into unspoiled sounds of nature only. As a guide I spend a lot of time in the mountains, but these unspoiled moments are rare and beautiful”.

On the first day we went from Valbona (Albania) to Vusanje (Montenegro). A hike outside the classic Peaks of the Balkans trail and it has a very peculiar geographic feature. All the streams that are in the Albanian side end up in the Adriatic sea as thouse in Montenegrin side end up in the Black sea.

“On our third day we stopped at Fusha Runices, which is the highest and the biggest Plateau in the Accursed Mountains. For my guest this was one of the most beautiful places he has ever seen”, explains Adriatik.

“We descended in the Theth Valley which is always beautiful. In this season the village just before Theth is empty and gives a special feel. Snow emptiness and majestic nature surrounding us as we walk to meet our host in Theth, Pavlin”.

“The iconic Theth is empty it’s us and a French visitor. He has quit his work as an educator and for ten years travels the world by foot. We had a philosophical discussion with him: Weather people should work for salary? We managed all to keep our opinion after an interesting exchange”.

“The rest of the trail was not difficult and April proves to be a a good season to travel in the Peaks of the Balkans. The snow is still hard and there are enough guest houses open to host guests. It adds value by providing unique feeling of being alone in the wild”.

Our guest’s review

Issi from his side left a review in Tripadvisor and Google where he gives his feedback about Balkan Natural Adventure.

“Had a great 5 night alpine hike around Albania/ Montenegro. The company was very flexible and hospitable. They sent me a planned and detailed itinerary before the trip. We stayed in some beautiful guest houses and the experience felt authentic.

Noli, the partner, made everything run like clockwork. My guide Adriatik was knowledgeable and good company for the duration of my hike.

The company has the ability to customise for any needs and flexible as mentioned previously. They are a young group with big aspirations, and it was nice to support these great people”. Link to the review 

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