One day visit

Hiking in Lake Liqunat

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Distance: 7.7 kilometres
Time: Half to full day
Activities: Hiking
Elevation gain/loss: 700 meters
Prices: 25 euro per person (group of 4 or more)


This hike to Lake Liqunat in Rugova Mountains will take you to the magnificent region of Kosovo next to the Montenegrin border. You will see two glacial lakes, valleys, and the saw-toothed peaks of the Accursed Mountains as far as the eye can see. After a 40 minute ride from Peja, the hiking trail begins from a picturesque restaurant and continues along a path known for its abundant supply of wild blueberries and mushrooms depending on the season.

We will stop for a short break at the first of the two lakes, where in the summer you can even go for a dip in its chilly waters. From here, the group can either decide to continue on to the second lake or rest and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The full trip is recommended only for participants over the age of 15. The best thing about this trail is that one can choose from three different points where to end the hike and still enjoy beautiful views. Or you can just take a lot of time to walk slowly and do all the trail for a long time if your are not in the best shape. This trail is also part Peaks of the Balkans Trail.