Great Canyon Cave

Caving is a great activity for both summer and winter, so join us for this unique opportunity to visit one of the deepest caves in the Balkans. Experts first started exploring the Great Canyon Cave in 1997 and have since mapped a vast network of corridors, waterfalls, and underground lakes inside. Featured in a top European magazine for speleology, the cave was recently opened to the public. 

In an effort to maintain its natural ecosystem, no additional lighting or walkways have been added to the cave, so it is necessary to visit with a trained expert. Luckily, for you when you visit Kosovo we have experienced speleologist and certified search and rescue guides who will guide you on this incredible journey.

The trip in the Great Canyon Cave is ranked as difficult due to the relatively tight spaces and long duration, though anyone in normal physical condition will have no trouble on this adventure. 

You should be prepared to be amazed for a journey that takes 2 to 3 hours in which you will see underground lakes, rivers and waterfalls. This is a unique trip offered rarely by the tour operators, as the quick buck is earned in massive tourism, and caves you can visit walking easily. 

Time inside the cave: 3-4 hours.
Provided equipment: headlamp, helmet, harness.
You should bring: Hiking shoes or rubber boots, water-resistant pants and jacket (light ski equipment will do), small backpack, water bottle, lunch.

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