• Via Ferrata Berim 16 Min
    Via Ferrata Berim in Zubin Potok

    Via Ferrata Berim in Zubin Potok is the top attraction of Northern Kosovo, and the longest Via Ferrata in the region. It holds two hanging bridges one 27 meters and the other about 7 meters. In difference from the Via Ferrata Mat and Ari in Rugova canyon this trail is constructed with loose side wires and smaller space for stepping, making it more difficult one but full of adrenaline at the same time. Via Ferrata Berim goes through a vertical cave and has a bench hanging in the air giving you a wonderful view of the valley. The ferrata goes straight vertically up through the rocky face surrounded by vallies with a look on the lake. Via Ferrata is In Zubon Potok Municipality located on the rocks of Berim on Mokra Gora Mountain. It is 25km far from Zubin Potok city centre, and the road to Via Ferrata crosses the Gazivode Dam further to Kovace Village, followed by a gravel road to Previja and further to Berim. Via Ferrata Berim begins with a hike through a mountain path where the logistic camp is situated. The first vertical part is about 80m. This is where you will go through the cave […]

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  • Maja Hasanit4
    Hasan’s Peak or Maja e Hasanit

    This is short sweet and a very nice hike to a mountain peak 1900 meters altitude. However it is still a mountain and needs some efforts to summit it. Balkan Natural Adventure has added Maja e Hasanit or Hasan’s Peak to the list of short hikes in Kosovo from Peja because this trail fulfils some specific criteria. We believe its a best combination for someone who wants to climb a peak in a shorter time, without being in top shape. Climbing Hasan’s Peak takes 3 to 4 hours or 6.2 kilometres with 350 meters altitude difference return. These numbers make this an easy hike: More than a promenade to Livadhi Sakes and less than liking Lake Liqenat – and iot includes a summit.  In winter the starting time for Maja e Hasanit can be in late morning. After a small transfer through mostly asphalt road you will park and then start the hike. The trail goes through nice dirt road to continue shortly through a wood. The last part of the walk is in the crest from where you will enjoy majestic views. In the summer this short hike in Kosovo can be an afternoon hike starting after lunch at 15:00 […]

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  • Kollata Keqe Arineta
    October 2018 – hike Peaks of the Balkans

    This is an old page – contact us for your tour October hike Peaks of the Balkans is a spcial offer for October peaks of the Balkans for a weeklong hike Sunday to Sunday. If you are flying from the UK there is a direct link to Podgorica which makes everything easier. This si an epical hike stil a secret in Europe. The group will be smaller than six people the start is guaranteed.   Sunday, 7 of October, Day 1 Arrival to Podgorica or Tirana airport – transfer to Theth. Monday – Day 2 – Theth – Valbone Distance: 14 KM Uphill: 1068 Downhill 792 Today you will do one of Albania’s most iconic hikes from Theth (745 m) over the Valbona Pass (1759 m) to the town of Valbona (995 m) in the heart of the eponymous national park. This 14-kilometer route follows the path of an ancient mule track linking the tribal regions of Shala and Nikaj. The hike goes through a narrow crest that gives a view in both of the valleys and it the most southern glacier in the world. After a difficult ascent, you will walk slowly in the track to get to […]

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  • 82 KenSpence Opt
    Guided and self guided hiking tours Albania

    Guided and Self guided tours for hiking in Albania offer unique experience for explorers from around the world. Balkan Natural Adventure makes hiking Albania easier and safer while supporting you with original GPS files, reliable service providers and all admin support to hike between borders of Balkans countries.  Check our 2021 Peaks of the Balkans dates One of the best trips you can do is Self guided Peaks of the Balkans track, which goes through three countries Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania. Read about Peaks of the Balkans guided tour. Meanwhile you can also contact us for your specific request and we will make an on demand tour. We have been rated 5 stars by our clients and our tours have been prized by The Guardian, The FInancial times and othet See references and videos Since you have come to this page you may not want to have a guide in your trip; you feel confident this is a trail you can do without a guide; you are ready for a Balkans adventure. While the guided tours offer comfort safety and an original local experience withstories from the region, self guided hiking tours offer more adventurer feeling and a lower price. […]

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  • Maja Arapit Tyti
    Maja Arapit – The Albanian Matterhorn

    Maja e Arapit has been nicknamed the Matterhorn of the Accursed Mountains, due to its pointy shape. This is a majestic peak that has been explored a lot by professional and motivated rock climbers. However the southern ridge is not technical climb giving opportunity to hikers without climbing experience to get to the top.  This peak lies in the section of the Peaks of the Balkans (POB) trail which goes from Vuthaj/Vusanje to Theth. One can include the Maja e Arapit climb in POB trail or climb it from Theth or Vuthaj/Vusanje.  From Theth one walks towar Okol west toward Montenegro then climbes Qafa e Pejes all part of the POB trail. At the rim of the plateu one turns to climb the peak which constitutes a hike of two hours. The 98 per cent of the trail is a straight hike, while just before the top one has to use hands also to pass a short path. Mount Arapi is famous among climbers as it offers several climbing routs. It is only the south part that offers hiking level climb to the top. Rock climbers from all around the world have summited Maja Arapit through different routs. First rope […]

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  • 2018 06 01 12 19 58 Min
    Maja e Rosit Rosin Vrh 2,533 m

    Maja Rosit or Rosin Vrh is considered as the best peak to get a view in the Accursed Mountains. This peak is situated in Montenegro, however most of the ascents are done from Valbona through Fusha e Gjese. Balkan Natural Adventure offers the climb to this peak from both countries Albania and Montenegro. The company arranges all the neccessary documents for border crossing. For Montenegro this is the third highest peak in the Accursed Mountains. Local community in Plav and around it have a special place for this peak, some have called their hotel Rosi. The walk from Valbona to Maja Rosit or Rosin Vrh goes through the half deserted village of Kukaj. This part is very nice and easy track and in the midd summer you can stop at few village houses for a glass of milk or tea. The trail serpents through the canyon for several kilometres and it continues with a steep hike. Just before halfway the trail enters a rocky terrain. This part will also be the start of open views. As you go higher the view will open to Montenegro until you reach the peak to get the view in all three countries: Montenegro, Albania and […]

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  • Kollata Ahmet
    Climbing Kollata Keqe or Zli Kolac

    Kollata Keqe or Zli Kolac is the highest peak of Montenegro. This is official only since 2018 when Montenegro did the remeasuring of the peaks. Before officially the highest peak was Bobotov Kuk in Durmitor National Park. The best way to climb Kollata is from Valbona to hike toward the village of Cerrem. This rout is also part of the Peaks of the Balkans trail detour recommended by Balkan Natural Adventure. You will be hiking most of the time in Albania with a short crossing to Montenegro to climb the peak. As most of the peaks in this part of the Accursed Mountains this is a lime stone peak with very little vegetation on it’s highest part. However  the trail to there is very diverse with spectacular views. From the peak one gets a vlear view at Maja Jezerce and Gjeravica. The trail to Kolata Keqe or Zli Kolac is not that long however it has steep parts which makes it a difficult. To reduce the tension there is the possibility of camping during the trail, while for the strongest one there is the option of climbing three Kollata’s. Kolata e Keqe, Kollata e Mire and Podi i Kollates. Climbing […]

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  • Jezerc Candy
    Maja Jezerce climb it from any three countries

    Maja Jezerce is the highest mountain in the Accursed Mountains, a range that holds the highest peak of Kosovo and Montenegro. With its 2694 meters is the second highest peak in Albania and the sixth highest in the Balkans. This peak was climbed for the first time by British mountaineers: Sleeman, Elmalie and Ellwood. Mr. Sleeman published a book about this trip with a chapter called Mountains of Albania. The peak can be climbed from the village of Theth and from the village of Valbona in Albania as well as from Vusanje in Montenegro. For climbing from Montenegro one will need border crossing permits which our company can secure for you. BN Adventure recommends none technical climbs to the mountain. For professionals we offer support for technical climbs on request. This peak can be included also in Peaks of the Balkans trail. To climb Jezerce from Theth you will start at 800 meters go through Qafa e Valbones and then to Lugu i Valit at 1450. In this place you can camp or use one of the local guest houses. This is a 4 hours hike. You can finish in the afternoon if you arrive in Theth in the morning. You […]

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  • 20180424 141443
    Hiking and archery in Kosovo

    You can enjoy archery and hiking in Kosovo. This small excursion will fill your day with excitement and beautiful views on the Rugova Gorge and the City of Peja. You will start in the morning and the guide will walk with you to Livadhi i Sakes. This is a two hours hike through a small pine tree wood, path and meadows. You will be parallel to the river Lumbardhi for more than e kilometre. Your hike will take up to two hours and it is suitable for kids as the altitude change is not too big. At the top of the hike you can enjoy the view in the city of Peja and feel the breeze of the Accursed Mountains. Here your guide and archery instructor will assemble a bow and will set up the place for shooting. The instructor will advise you step by step for your shooting in one particular place. This 30 thousand year old sport is always fun for any age. Based on your request we will bring the bow most suitable for the age group of the participants. This is archery and hiking in Kosovo tour which can be combined with a Zip Line flight. […]

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  • 20180509 120909
    Try Archery 

    Try archery in Kosovo next to the river. This is an activity taking place next to the city of Peja but still in the nature and outdoors. Together with our archery guide you will be able to shoot arrows at different targets.  Compete with your friends or just have fun. You will be guided by a trained archer who will also teach you the basics in terms of safety and shooting arrows. This 30 thousand year old sport is fun and open to all ages. Balkan Natural Adventure has a variety of bows, including those for children starting at 8 years old. All of our bows are recurve. Our shooting range is next to the river and there are cafes and restaurants just 100 meters from there and try archery in Kosovo. This is an activity which takes one to two hours and can be very nicely combined with a pick nick that you can bring and eat next to the river or with a lunch served in one of the cafes. It can also be combined with Via Ferrata or a zip line activity also provided by our company. For a more active group you can check hike and […]

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