• Peaks Of The Balkans 202012
    Peaks of the Balkans booking

    For 2021, in the new decade, Balkan Natural Adventure has prepared a special program. It includes minimum transfers 8 days of hike inclusive some of the best parts of the mountains not included in the Classic Peaks of the Balkans Trail. The special in the program are two very special spots. Gjeravica the highest peak of Kosovo and Gerbaja Valley in Montenegro. We also give a free map to anyone who books with us. Gjeravica offers a hike above the tree line next to the glacial lakes. Additionally, the trip is seldom made by other companies and it offers quite a private atmosphere. Furthermore, the Gerbaja Valley was considered as the most beautiful valley in ex Yugoslavia which included Slovenia, Croatia and 5 other states.  Particularly, the view on Karanfil peaks on top of the rocks is one rarely found in the world. For your Peaks of the Balkans booking by joining a group on our dates click here and find the itinerary. Other options If you want to hike the trail with your friends, we will make an itinerary for you. Please contact us through the chat console or write us an e-mail at We need your flight […]

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  • The accursed mountains
    Peaks of the Balkans Trail

    “This remote and mysterious mountain range, much of it accessible only by foot, offers more than beauty. It hosts shepherds and goatherds and ancient pastoral traditions that have yet to be destroyed by mechanisation. In its isolated villages, traces still survive of a centuries-old code of conduct that combines extremes of punishment and generosity”, Martin Fletcher the Financial Times, while in the mountains with us. Watch the video    Check dates for 2020 tours published click here for more Our team the Balkan Natural Adventure organises on demand trips to the Accursed Mountains, including The Peaks of the Balkans Trail. We will adjust your itinerary based on your travel plans. To include all three countries: Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro, you should plan for 6 to 15 days of hiking. The best season is between June and September, while you can start your trip from any of the three countries. We offer support also for self-guided tours. Open dates for solo and small groups, available. Contact us with your question: “The path literally links Muslim, Catholic and Orthodox enclaves, as well as Slavs and numerous Albanian tribes in three adjoining national parks, each showcasing the border region’s inestimable beauty. Towering […]

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    UNESCO Kosovo weekend

    Kosovo UNESCO tour will take you through top sights registered in the international organisation along with other sites which Kosovo ethnic Albanians believe should be in the list. Kosovo is not a memeber of UNESCO due to lack of political support. This is the reason there is no ethnic Albanian culture in the UNESCO protection list. In this tour you will travel through turbulent times of this region consequently different interpretation of facts. Highlights: Gracanica Monastery, Marble Cave, National Library, Kosovo Battle monuments, Rugova Gorge; Deçan Monastery, Prizren Content day 1: The tour will start with Gadime Cave, just outside of the Kosovo capital, Prishtina. A farmer in 1969 dicovered this cave an 80 million year old system or marble corridories. The cave descends 16 kilometres. The first room discovered was the apsolutely spectacular Room of Sorrows with marble tears raining down.  The tour will continue with The Gracanica Monastery (Kosovo UNESCO) one of the oldest buildings in the Kosovo’s religious sphere. A centrepiece of cultural Kosovo, the Monastery was built in the 14th century. Inside the stunningly preserved paintings cover all of the walls. Look straight up and you’ll see the face of Christ in the topmost dome enigmatically […]

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  • Kosovo cultural
    Kosovo weekend tours

    Weekend Cultural Tours The Kosovo weekend tours can cover different parts of the country offering different experiences. Combine two cities for your full experience. Or just contact us for a special design of cultural or natural tours in our country.  Visit all Kosovo UNESCO monuments see the religions clashing and living in harmony simultaneously. Or go and see the living legacy of the Kosovo war. Prishtina: See the Newborn monument in honour of the newest State in Europe. Visit the Kosovo Field gazimestan where the famous Kosovo battle of 1389 was fought and Sultan Mehmet murdered.  Step into Sultans tomb, only such monument outside of Turkey. Cointinue the trip with one of the jewels of Serbian Orthodoxy, the grand medieval Gra?anica monastery, and Ulpiana Roman ruins. End with a neutral natural monument of Marbel cave. Peja – Deçan – Prizren: Experience the beauty and history of two of the holiest sites in Serbian Orthodoxy. Both the Patriarchate of Pec and Decan Monastery are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Then you will visit Dukagjini Kullas (towers) and one of the oldest cities in Kosovo: Prizren, a centre of Kosovo religion, culture, history and art. In Prizren you will find pristine Ottoman -era […]

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  • Gacaferi6
    Ski sport in the Balkans

    Kosovo and Albania skiing and ski touring, are a special experience. Both countries and partly some parts of North Macedonia offer uniques ski and snow tours, with clean environment without lifts and crowds. Ski touring and snowshoeing are a growing service provided to tourists in this region. Balkan Natural Adventure offers Ski Touring (itinerary) and Snowshoeing (offer) trips. Bellow you can find some general information for the region. There are two mountains ranges which are suitable for winter sport: Ski sport in Sharr Mountains The Sharr Mountains have round slopes very nice for ski touring. They are home to longer trails which go through Kosovo, Albania and North Macedonia. Some parts are very remote and without development, some are home to ski centres. There are no Albania ski resorts that offer lifts and infrastructure. In Sharr there is one Kosovo ski resort called Brezovica with about five lifts and one called Dragash with one lift. North Macedonia offers more in terms of ski resorts with two medium sized centers: Mavrovo and Popova Sapka. Thus our company works more in ski touring in Kosovo and Albania, while we do not work with classic ski holidays in ski resorts.  Our company offers ski […]

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  • 20190628 105905
    Peaks of the Balkans in September group

    This is an old page please check our Peaks of the Balkans 2020 dates Highlights: of the Hike Peaks of the Balkans Village of Theth – Visit one of the most picturesque and isolated villages of Albania Hiking in the wild – Hike in some of the least visited trails in Europe. Three countries – Visit three countries in one hike Gjeravica – Highest mountain peak in Kosovo surrounded with pristine nature and glacial lakes home to Triton salamanders. Cold War Bunkers – See the bunkers in the most remote area built by communist Albania when tension were high with Yugoslav regime Taljanka and Grbaja Valley – Climb Taljanka peak with a view in Grbaja Valley, considered as the most beautiful in ex-Yugoslavia. Minimal internal transfers maximum highlights…watch the video Price: Euro 830 Dates: September 8 – 18 see other dates Why Balkan Natural Adventure: We provide an extra guide if the group is bigger than 5. We are a service oriented company featured in the Financial Times (see the video above), The Strait Times of Singapore, Wanderlust, The Guardian, and other. We are open to client comments being rated highly in TripAdvisor. And last but not least we are locally owned company providing good […]

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  • Fidan2
    Short break in the Accursed Mountains

    Highlights: Climb top summits in Montenegro and Kosovo, experience the Albanian Accursed Mountains. See the Cold War bunkers marking the frontier where nature took advantage from the strict border protection. Trail through glacial lakes, with the purest water, home to Triton salamanders and other endemic fauna. Enjoy Komani Lake with thick rocky walls in the middle of wild nature, visit Shkodra in Albania. This trip can be organised with Wizzair flights from Luton – Friday to Wednesday. Day 1 – Friday To start your short break in the Balkans you will Arrive in Kosovo and drive next to the Accursed Mountains for lunch, accommodation at the hotel. Visit to the Rugova gorge, slide in 650 meters zip line, and climb the Via Ferrata Ari going through ancient caves used by monks in middle ages as a place of worship. The via Ferrata trip lasts for two hours so it will be a nice entry to the next day hike in-between your lunch and dinner. Day 2: Gjeravica Doberdol – Saturday Distance: 18 KM, (11 miles) Uphill: 915, (3000 ft) Downhill 980, (3300 ft) Minimal elevation: 1534, (5032 ft)  Maximal Elevation 2656 (8713 ft) Drive to the start of the trail […]

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  • ski touring
    Ski touring in Kosovo and Albania

    Ski touring in Sharr Mountains Do you want to escape from the beaten tracks for several days, to breathtaking landscapes? Join us for a ski tour adventure of ascending and descending the unforgettable slopes of the most exciting Sharr Mountains. The tour is thought through the whole range of the mountains selecting the best parts of each valley. HIGHLIGHTS Korab Peak – The highest peak of Albania and North Macedonia Radomire – The picturesque village in North Albania with very low number of visitors Virgin mountains – Trails which are not crowded with tourists and the views are not interrupted by ski lifts or other men made structures. Local food – Local cooked specialties based on meat and vegetables and dairy products Hospitably – People in this region have not seen a big number of tourists they are happy to see you visiting the place and will pay a sincere welcome to any traveler. Guided tour can be arranged upon request. For dates or group inquiries please contact us! INTRODUCTION Sharr mountains are perfect for ski touring in Kosovo, Albania and North Macedonia. They lay between Kosovo, Albania and North Macedonia and are high round older mountains with very few […]

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  • Gjeravica Angela
    We are in London destinations show

      Meet us in person and get discounts for your hikes in the Balkans. Visit us in stand D99 at the Olympia destinations show. Set up a meeting with us contact the show web site: Learn first hand how to hike in the Accursed Mountains; why ‘The Guardian’ claims these mountains hold “some of Europe’s most pristine scenery, ancient pastoral traditions, little-altered by modern life”. Visit our stand D99 We are the only specialist Ballkans agency in the fair. Balkan Natural Adventures offers featured Balkans tracking trips, both guided and self-guided. Join us for an Adventure in Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo and hike in some of the most isolated parts of Europe. Immerse in the local life and culture.

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  • Korab Kids
    High Scardus Trail

    High Scardus is a very old trail created by Romans, used for plantifull pastures. The trail goes through the oldest and arguably the biggest pastures of Europe. Wide views of roundy peaks and meadows are a specific feature of this trail. High Scardus trail  goes through Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia. The name Scardus comes from latin which means colorfull, a name that was later translated in slavic to Šara. The nickname comes from the beautiful colors in autumn and the colorfull views created by patches of snow. The snow patches  stay in parts of these mountains during the whole year. This trail is opened more recently and has less people walking it, is less diverse in the nature than Peaks of the Balkans, however it offers a lot in natural and cultural sence.  Highlights: Mount Korab is the highest peak of Albania and Macedonia, while taking the trail one can decide to start in one country and end in the other. On the Macedonian side you will find top end hotels as there is a ski center next to it. Hike 114 kilometers in some of the least visited mountains of Europe, enjoy unique flora and fauna of the region. […]

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